Oakland Raiders News 11-29-07: Absolutely Ridiculous!

ESPN's John Clayton is reporting:

JaMarcus Russell has been getting more practice snaps recently, but is expected to remain Oakland's No. 3 quarterback this week.
It appears Josh McCown will back up starter Daunte Culpepper once again. ESPN's John Clayton doesn't believe Russell will get any playing time before the final two or three weeks of the season, and that could come in relief.


I want to like Lane Kiffin.  I guess I even do.  But his decisions are hurting the team.

Not activating Michael Bush out of spite to Denver and Kansas City?  

Not playing the future of the franchise since this is a lost season anyway?

For this Raider fan at least, frustration is now augmented by fury. Like all of Raider Nation, I was overjoyed by last Sunday's win.  We got that monkey off our backs.  Finally.

Now is the time to start looking forward to the future.  That means Michael Bush.  That means JaMarcus Russell.  

Daunte's playing great, but it's time for him to sit.  He won't be here next year.  Russell will be.  Same goes for Jordan and Rhodes at running back. They are the past.  Bush is the future.

It's nothing short of insane.  The argument about whether to sit a rookie QB or play him is useless.  For every Carson Palmer who sat his rookie year and did well in his second season, there's a Peyton Manning who was thrown into the fire as a rookie and did well in his second year.

It's absolutely sickening.  What real good would LaMont Jordan have been to Denver or Kansas City anyway?  He's half-crippled at the moment.  He would have likely been a backup like he is now.  The decision to sit Bush and play Jordan is inexplicable and indefensible.

And here's a question:  If you don't want K.C. or Denver snagging Jordan or Rhodes, why not cut Andrew Walter to make room for Bush?  That way you can spite your division rivals and let what will hopefully be an exciting young talent show his stuff.

Another excellent reason for activating Bush: if he's going to be a bust, it's better to know now so we can draft Darren McFadden in April.  As it stands now, drafting McFadden would be useless.

As for Russell....even if he doesn't start, the idea that he has to sit as emergency #3 behind goddamn fucking Josh McClown in OUTRAGEOUS.  I'm sorry, Kiffin, did you see the sorry excuse for quarterbacking McClown honored us with earlier this year?  You think if Daunte would go down, he could do any better than Russell?  

Even leaving that aside, Russell as #3 can't step in and out for a few series to gradually gain some seasoning.  It's harder to put him in in the event of a blowout (whichever way it goes).  

It makes me seriously question Lane Kiffin's judgment.  And it worries me. Despite all the goofy bullshit earlier in the year, I thought he was the guy to lead the team forward.

But now I seriously wonder.  The final test will be the next draft.  Drafting JaMarcus with the #1 pick was the obvious move.  But this year's draft will be the first one where the choice won't be so clear.  Do you take a playmaking receiver?  A D-lineman to strengthen the swiss cheese brigade we have now?  An O-Lineman to make sure JaMarcus doesn't get killed next year? (Speaking of O-lineman and bad personnel decisions....why the hell isn't Mario Henderson starting right now?)

If Kiffin makes a dumbass pick, I'll know for sure he'll be just another in a succession of mediocre coaches destroying a once great franchise.  

But even leaving that aside...these personnel decisions are wrong, hurtful to the team, unfair to the fans (their money is paying these potentially awesome young talents) and display a total short sightedness and unwillingness to think about the future.

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