Oakland Raider Takes: JEOPARDY! For $60 million...Who is the -

 man that is the least qualified and the worst possible man to teach JaMarcus Russell to become the Raiders' franchise quarterback?




 Quarterbacks Coach - John DeFilippo

2007 John DeFilippo Headshot

John DeFilippo is in his second season as Raiders quarterbacks coach. Before joining the Raiders, DeFilippo,
30, spent two seasons as an offensive quality control assistant for the New York Giants, working on Tom Coughlin’s
staff. In DeFilippo’s two seasons with New York, the Giants made the postseason twice and compiled a 19-13 regular season record.

He joined the Giants after two seasons as quarterbacks coach at Columbia University. While at Columbia, DeFilippo tutored Raiders free agent quarterback Jeff Otis, who left the school ranked second in all-time passing yardage and pass completions.

From 2001-02, DeFilippo was a graduate assistant at Notre Dame, working with wide receivers and tight ends in 2001 under Bob Davie and quarterbacks in 2002 under Tyrone Willingham. That 2002 squad started 8-0, posting wins over No. 7 Michigan and No. 11 Florida State and finished 8-3 with a Gator Bowl berth. He began his coaching career tutoring
quarterbacks at Fordham in 2000.

DeFilippo played quarterback at James Madison University, where he earned All Atlantic 10 Conference Academic honors for four straight seasons and helped the team to the conference title as a senior in 1999. DeFilippo held NFL summer coaching internships in 1997 with Carolina and in 1998 with Indianapolis.

The Youngstown, Ohio native’s father, Gene, is the athletic director at Boston College.


Yes Raider fans this is the man that we have entrusted to coach our young 23 year old franchise quarterback to an All-Pro level worthy of the first player selected in the draft.

Russell is young, left LSU as a junior and if there is a quarterback in the NFL that needs top-drawer coaching, (as in guru type status), it is Russell.

We all know that Russell has all the physical tools that you would want. But he needs to be coached by a very experienced expert. QB coaches are important to all teams. When you have a veteran like Gannon, a QB coach is less important except for keeping your mechanics together and being another pair of eyes for that veteran. But for a rookie like Russell, the QB coach is of supreme importance and the best must be sought, and DeFilippo is sure the hell not it!

DeFilippo was a Kiffin choice and he needs to be the first one out the door this off season, even before Ryan. I don't know who is out there yet, but if Jamarcus is going to be fixed and avoid the bust status, then the right QB coach better be found and found quickly.

Yes Matt Ryan and Flacco have supporting players around them but they also have far superior coaching. You look at the credentials of DeFilippo and you flat out know that he is just not qualified to coach a young NFL QB to the elite level. Russell needs to be coached to read NFL defenses, to look off receivers and when to fire the ball and when to put some finesse on the ball.

This is a top priority need and must be addressed this off season or else we will be left with Jeff Otis 2.0


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