Raiders pick up DE Kalimba Edwards....

Here is the info on Kalimba,

For those of you that don't have BSPN Insider this is what it says.....

"Edwards has a very good combination of speed and athleticism. He has fluid change-of-direction skills, explosive burst and an impressive motor. He continues to develop his awareness. He is a pure speed rusher who also has the ability to drop into a zone or even play some man-to-man. He has great snap anticipation and an explosive first step. He immediately puts an offensive tackle on his heels. He has the speed to accelerate in a high arc, squeezing the pocket and closing on the quarterback quickly. He has a strong up-and-under counter when a tackle overplays his outside rush. He plays with leverage against the run and has good functional strength for his size. He battles and has reasonable success at the point of attack. He is excellent in pursuit and makes many plays from the back side. But Edwards is undersized. He gets engulfed or overpowered too often. He can be undisciplined, running around blocks and opening up holes in the defense. He sometimes plays too upright and can be knocked off course by a powerful swat. His work ethic has been questioned at times."

Basically, the Raiders are trying to find another Clemons like they did last season. Add Kalimba to Jay Richardson, and the Raiders appear to be set at RE.  Kalimba seems great against the pass, and Richardson's strength is against the run.  This will create competition at RE, and may the best man win the job.

For those of you thinking Al is not trying to set the team up for taking McFadden, your argument not holds even less weight. Frankly, its become obvious!  Al has now attempted to fill all the Raiders needs through FA or by resigning players.

LT: Kwame Harris (to compete with Henderson)
RT: Cornell Green (to compete with McQuistan)
WR: Javon and Carter (to play with Curry)
DT: Kelly (backed up by Warren) and Joseph (to back up Sands)
RE: Kalimba (to compete with Richardson)
SS: Gibril (thus moving Huff to FS)
CB: Hall (to pair with Nnamdi)
[editor's note, by OakFoSho] SLB: Akbar Gbaja-Biamila (to compete with Thomas, Williams and Isaiah Ekejiuba)

The only need that Al has not yet attempted to fill via FA is SLB, and I'm sure thats coming via FA or the 2nd day of the draft.

Update [2008-3-30 3:49:38 by OakFoSho]: Akbar Gbaja-Biamila has signed with the Raiders to compete at SLB/DE. Check the Dairy entry for details.

Al realized that C. Long would not be on the board, and thus has done everything to prepare himself to take McFadden. (Especially after the workout he had a couple days ago.  So much for the fact that Run DMC has no lateral movement or change of direction, as he set all the fastest times for RBs in all agility drills.)

Al's mandate is McFadden!!


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