Week 2 Recap:  Offense

And I've never gotten used to it

I've just learned to turn it off

               --Bob Dylan


No two ways to disguise this one, kids:  this loss hurts.  I had a lot more to write at first, but the more I think about the loss, the more depressed I get.   So let's get right to the grades

QB:  Another underwhelming week stats wise for JaMarcus.  I continue to be impressed with his decision making abilities.  Aside from his hesitation that led to the fumble today, it's hard to find a big, prototypical "rookie mistake."   Really, just a very average performance.   He's coming along fine.  That ball he threw to Higgins was a bee-yoo-tee-ful laser beam.  That gets him the "+" in C+.

RBs:  Not a whole lot to say....which is half the problem.  When a team built to run has a combined 98 yards on the ground, there's going to be trouble no matter what the score says.  McFadden was a warrior, out there playing through the pain, though a 3 yard per rush average combined with his constant slipping and falling shows how much it was affecting him.  Bush averaged 4 yards a carry....someone tell me again why he only had 14 carries?  Let's call it a B-.

O-Line:  They only yielded one sack and that was due to J-Russ hanging on to the ball way too long.  McFadden's low YPC average is more a function of his injury than ineffective run blocking.  Notice how we haven't been talking about Mario Henderson very much?  That's as it should be.  B.

WRs:  Weak.  Weak weak weak weak weak.  Unbelievably bad.  HORRIBLE.  Non-existent.  2 catches for 18 yards for Javon Walker?  That's not worth all that guaranteed money, my man.  1 catch for Lelie?!?!?  ZERO for Curry?!?! Sure, some of it is Russell's fault due to inexperience, but you HAVE GOT TO HELP YOUR YOUNG QUARTERBACK.  This means GETTING OPEN CONSISTENTLY so he's not forced to complete two thirds of his passes to the goddamn running backs and fullback.

Some of this is also play-calling though.  How can this team expect to win and not get Zach Miller a single completion.  GET HIM IN THE GAME, COACHING STAFF.  (yeah I know he's a tight end, but it's easier to put him here)

Speaking of play calling, if I may digress for a minute....what kind of lame-ass conservative bullshit were we running out there today?  What the hell happened to Lane Kiffin the gambler, the risk taker, the "damn-the-torpedoes-full-speed-ahead" play caller?

The bright spot:  Johnnie Lee Higgins.  He caught a bullet and ran like hell.  Nice returns too.

Higgins gets the A.  Everyone else? D-.

We'll move on to the other side of the ball tomorrow.  Or, rather, later today...  It's damn near 1 a.m. here on the East Coast.  I'm out for now!

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