THE TIME...Izzzzzzzzz...NOW!!!..RAIDERS!!!!!!

You/We were there, in some shape pr form, either in THE HOUSE, huddled around the stereo/tv or in spirit (Thanks to all of you carrying our flag overseas), as the Raiders displayed their true potential on Opening Night against "Phyllis" Rivers and the Chargers. It was palpable , you could feel, touch AND taste IT.

YOU were also there when the Raiders stunk up the joint in KC  and STILL came out with a victory that tasted like some fine KC BBQ in a juke-joint with an early morning centered around Chicken and Waffles, although the team played like they'd been at the Bubble Lounge and took  Javon's private jet to KC on the day of the game.


A-Hem (I clear my throat)

Then...WE ALL  felt the sting(EVERYONE IN THE STANDS LAST WEEK) of an overconfident team taking a "Mulligan" against the Broncos.

I am sure that I do NOT need to repost the NUMB3ERS from last week....

Instead, I will CHEER!!! I will CHEER!!! for MY/OUR Team!!!



(Repeat after me)...SUNDAY IS THE DAY!!!


Sunday IS tthe day when we will know what team WE have this year.

The performance against the Chargers told these kids that all they had to do was drive the ball down the field on the last drive and NOT let the other team score on THEIR last drive and they'd go home winners.

I mean, after all, the Chargers are an elite team in the AFC, not to mention the AFC West, and the Raiders could have won that game. In fact, they out "NUMBERED" the Chargers in MANY categories, just, not the ones that win games.

Their performance against the Chiefs was that of a team that "Expected" to win (And fortunately they did)

BUT, that was entirely pre-mature...Which, we found out against the Broncos, when only a few of the players even show up, they will lose handily!


I believe that this team is the TEAM that we saw against the Chargers.

I believe that this team is finally a TEAM. They may be young, but, they are very talented and every week they learn something new. Once the learning curve catches up to the talent, the NFL will be on notice!!!



Being down 3-1 in the All-Time Series is one motivator, being 2-2 instead of 1-3 is another, yet, with the Giants and Eagles waiting in the wings, things will NOt be getting easier.

The Time is NOW Oakland..The time is NOW...RAIDERS!!!!!!



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