I do not expect a Shootout - DO NOT Fall asleep on the Jets.

     If there is one thing that I love about football, it is one thing: DEFENSE.  The Raiders have had defenses before, and have players that represent RAIDER defense.  Hence, I have always loved Rex Ryan and Rob Ryan, because they are defensive gurus.  I also just now got a glimpse of John Marshall, who should keep dialing up defenses that equals wins, not defenses that please Al Davis. (Trust me, if the defense keeps rolling, and Marshall is let go because he won't play mostly Cover 1 Man, RAIDER NATION WILL REVOLT.) 

            That being said, for anybody that thinks this game next week against the Jets will be a breeze, You're Wrong.  Let me explain why.

1)      Secondary - The Jets Secondary is composed of: Kerry Rhodes, Darrelle "Baby Lockdown" Revis, Lito Sheppard, Jim Leonard, and Dwight Lowery, among others.  This secondary is NOT to be toyed with.  Darelle Revis, just like Nnamdi Asomugha does, make receivers such as Andre Johnson, Randy Moss, etc. disappear.  Their secondary WILL pick the ball if throws are bad.


2)      Calvin Pace and David Harris - GREAT Linebackers.  (I'm surprised Bart Scott has not shown up...that should trouble most people.

This Defense can win games....and the Jets SHOULD  have won that game against the Bills...

Now, let's look at the offense.

1)      Thomas Jones - Over 210 Rushing yards yesterday. 210.  And with the way we're still struggling with the run, you aren't concerned with that?


2)      Leon Washington - Very Similar to Darren Sproles - who single handedly handed us the Loss Week 1.


3)      Braylon Edwards - Not too worried, since Nnamdi will be on him...which leaves for Chris Johnson...


4)      DAVID CLOWNEY.  Now, why is his name in caps?

This guy, is a PROBLEM. I swear, every time I watch a Jets football game, he ALWAYS makes a huge Deep yardage catch.  Every single game he plays in. and who has been giving up the big plays on our defense? Chris Johnson.  Look for the Jets to manipulate that.

5) Dustin Keller - Like I said, Tyvon will be busy covering him, but, Tyvon cannot give up plays of 15+ yards.  It hurts the defense when that happens.

I know you're now saying, "But Mark Sanchez has thrown 8 picks in the last three games, we'll be fine.

NOT if Bryan Schottenheimer decided to Actually call the RIGHT plays on us. 

So, I now give the keys, in my opinion to win this game.

1)      BLITZ - Blitz, but do it EFFECTIVELY.  The Jets O-Line is good.  Very Good.  We Have to penetrate...if we don't then we're in trouble.


2)      Run the ball Up the gut - Now let's see if Bush and Fargas can work magic Without Kris Jenkins playing, and with Bart Scott not playing up to caliber.


3)      PROTECT THE QB - Rex Ryan will send blitzes against our O-Line.  Like the Eagles game, we MUST protect JaMarcus Russell in order for us to win.


4)      JaMarcus Russell must MANAGE the game AGAIN.  This is a pick-hungry Jets Defense who has 5 picks so far this season.  We need him to play better than he did against the Eagles.


5)      We need another big play. 


6)      We need to Score Points - this means Touchdowns, not Field Goals.


7)      Play Good Special Teams - Like I said, Leon Washington is very similar to Darren Sproles.


8)      Stop the Run Game - ‘Nuff Said.


9)      Capitalize on the Rookie's Mistakes - We need our Defense to capitalize on the Rookies mistakes


10)  LESS DROPS.  Schilens is coming back, so we need to get the ball to him and Murphy. Get the ball into the people that are Supposed to make plays for us.


11)  Work the Screen game - Gary Russell = Brilliance.

We'll now have to see what the Raiders do against the Jets.

Prediction: - I don't make predictions; that is what all the stupid NFL Analysts did...

i.e. - Inside the NFL - Cris Collinsworth - Philadelphia Vs. Oakland? (Crew laughs a little, drops card down)

     - NFL Playbook - Analysts decide that Philly's Defense will "Overwhelm" Oakland.

Get My Drift? We'll have to watch and see.

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