How to Fix the Raiders in 1 Simple Draft

I posted this over on Mocking the Draft and I thought I'd share it here.  Let's face it, whether Russell comes out of his shell or not, this season is already basically a wash and it doesn't hurt to look ahead.  Plus, I admit I'm a total dork when it comes to fantasy GMing.  In any case, with Kaizer already looking for ways on the front page to help the team, I thought I'd weigh in on what I think the best draft the Raiders could do that would help them out the most:  Oh, and obviously I know one draft has never fixed any team....I just thought it was a snappy title. :-)

And from here on out, I'll replicate my Fanpost:


Okay, I know It's going to take several seasons to turn this ship around.  But, if I could somehow wave a magic wand and make myself Oakland Raiders GM, this is the draft I would try to put together in 2010.  I'm not saying this is anything close to what they will do--God knows what Al Davis has in mind--but this is what I think they should do.  I'm going with the assumption that the Raiders will be drafting 6th  I will offer comments on why I think Davis might take the player that I would.

First Round - Brandon Spikes, ILB, Florida

For me, this is virtually a no-brainer.  If I'm in charge of the Raiders draft and Brandon Spikes is available, I'm taking him.  Kirk Morrison is an excellent linebacker, but is miscast at MLB.  He'd be much better starting on the strong-side where Ricky Brown is currently out of his depth as a starter.  Enter Spikes who can start on day 1.  Plus, he's the kind of fiery, vocal leader this team desperately needs.

Why Al might actually pick him:  Davis likes his linebackers to be in the 6'2"-6'3", 240-250 lb. range, have good pursuit speed and defend the pass well.  That's Spikes to a "T". 


Second round - Ciron Black, OT, LSU

For all the struggles of JaMarcus Russell, the biggest disaster on the team might actually be Cornell Green at right tackle.  He's a penalty machine, he doesn't run-block particularly well and is an absolute catastrophe in pass protection.  Ciron Black isn't the best pass protector, but he's certainly better than Green.  Even better, he's exactly the big, nasty run blocking mauler the Raider running game is in desperate need of on the right side.  Like Spikes, Black can be a day 1 starter.

Why Al might actually pick him: Davis can see as plainly as anyone else how bad Cornell Green truly is and how the team needs a dominating run blocker.  Early in the second round, Black will be the best player available who can do all that.


Third round - Kyle Wilson, CB, Boise State

The Raiders are pretty set at the starting corner position, especially with Nnamdi Asomugha.  Their cornerback depth is just ugly, however.  Former second round pick Stanford Routt may be the worst nickel corner in the entire league.  Even worse, compared to the people behind him on the depth chart, Routt looks like Darrelle Revis.  Kyle Wilson can fix all that.  He is an excellent option at nickel corner and may even be good enough to push Chris Johnson as starter.  Plus, he's a brilliant kick returner and the Raiders are lacking at that right now.  Though he wouldn't be starting on opening day, he could contribute right away.

Why Al might actually take him: Wilson has the speed Davis loves in his corners, has the athleticism to play man-to-man and there's a good chance Davis might fall in love with his playmaking ability in the return game.


Third round (from New England) - Dan LeFevour, QB, Central Michigan

JaMarcus Russell obviously needs a nudge.  At this point in the draft, with some of the biggest needs fulfilled, LeFevour would probably be the best choice to take.  He doesn't have a rocket for an arm, but it's definitely NFL worthy and stronger than some higher prospects.  He has NFL size at 6'3", 230 lbs. and his accuracy is solid.  He can also beat you with his feet on the scramble or buy time to keep the play alive.  Unlike many quarterbacks who play that style, he also usually limits his mistakes. He could provide a true playmaking force at QB, which is something that's been altogether lacking in Oakland for a long time.

Why Al might take him:  Honestly, I don't think LeFevour is Al's type of QB.  If he would take him, it'd be because he was attracted by his big playmaking ability and accuracy.


Fourth round - Jay Ross, DT, East Carolina

Ross is a big space filler and Gerard Warren isn't getting any younger or more motivated.  He's been very productive stats wise from the DT position.  He can join the DT rotation and maybe push for a starting gig in the future. 

Why Al might take him: He knows the middle of the defensive line needs bolstering and Ross is as good an option, value wise, as he'll find at this point. 


Fifth round - Brandon Carter, G, Texas Tech

He's huge (6'7", 360 lbs.!), he's a leader, he's a badass.  The last two are in desperate need on the Raiders offensive line right now.  I think he has talent to go earlier, but because of his (frankly ridiculous) suspension, he will probably fall. 

Why Al might take him:  Have you seen this guy and how he looks?  He was born to be a Raider.  Davis also likes monsters at the guard position.


Fifth round (from New England) - Chris Hall, C, Texas

Samson Satele has been a woeful disappointment and Chris Morris has been uninspiring to say the least.  Hall is a superb value pick at this point and could make for interesting camp battles.

Why Al might take him: See above.  He also has the size and versatility Davis likes in his centers.


Sixth round - Chris Chancellor, CB, Clemson

Remember what I said about the atrocious cornerback depth?  This pick can help.  I really like Chancellor, but a lot of people have him projecting into the later rounds.  If he's available early in the sixth, he's a steal.  He's a team-oriented, intense personality type in the Asomugha mold and I would like those guys on my team if I'm a GM.

Why Al might take him: Chancellor fits the profile of a Davis cover corner.  You could do a lot worse in the sixth round.


Seventh round - John Fletcher, DE/DT, Wyoming

A mountain of a man at over six and a half feet tall, Fletcher is definitely a project, but what else can you expect this late in the draft?  He's the kind of guy that could surprise in camp and if he doesn't, you can simply cut him without too many regrets.

Why Al might take him: He can play both DE and DT and Davis seems to like those kind of guys with versatility along the D-line.  Tommy Kelly, Richard Seymour and Desmond Bryant can all play end or tackle.

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