After Game Thoughts

      The Raiders played their hearts out today. They played a tough, yet beatable team today in the Dallas Cowboys. I knew not to get my hopes up, but after last week I couldnt help but to think we were gonna win. This wasnt a total loss though. There were many good signs. Here are some things I noticed during the game day. Some made me laugh and others gave me hope.

Thought on the Raiders

1) Bruce Gradkowski doesnt give up. He tried his harest on every play, and he didnt make any costly decisions. He does not do well under pressure though, when he is rushed, he doesn't provide the best passes. With good protection he only has room to grow. He had a mediocre performance today. But, I think he threw to Chaz too much.

2) We cant really blame JaMarcus's poor play on the recievers poor play anymore. I always said from the beginning that the WR is only as good as his QB. And today Bruce found Louis Murphy and Darrius Heyward-Bey numerous times. Proving Jamarucs Russel is truley incompetent.

3) Zach Miller is a Pro Bowl caliber TE. I already knew this, but todays perfomance really highlited it for me. He is a great and sadly underated TE. He made play after play for Oakland today, if he was thrown to 5-6 more times a game, hed have 5-6 more catches a game. He has hands like glue.

Thoughts on the Cowboys

1) Tony Romo is a pretty good QB. I always thought he was just a mediocre QB hiding behand a stellar line. But today he pretty much embarassed Oakland. I still love the fact his last name ryhmes with homo though.

2) Miles Austin is the future of Dallas. This kid is a flat out beast. He runs pin point routes and has great hands. I expect to see him in many Pro Bowls

3) Jay Ratliff is a total fag. I could not help to notice after every tackle, even if he wasnt invlolved. He took full credit for it by doing some douchey fack kickoff thing. I dont know if thats something important in Dallas but it annoyed the hell out of me. The dude does have imense talent though.

4) Phill Sims is in love with Demarcus Ware. Yes, I know, he is probably the best OLB in the game, but every time Oakland did something wrong, Phill gave Demarcus credit for it. Like if we had an incomplete pass, Phill would be like " Oh, Well Bruce is probably just afraid that Demarcus was behind him, making him miss Murphy" It got rather annoying hearing that after every play while Demarcus is away from the play next to Ratliff as hes doing some Kicking thing and acting like he got the tackle.

       Those are just my thoughts though. It was a good game untill the second quarter rolled around. I still see this as a good sign because Bruce showed some good things. I cant wait untill Week 16 when we play the Browns. But, Pittsburg is next week. Oakland better be ready to play cause that will be a hard nose game. Some may not know but Oakland and Pittsburg are Rivals. Cant wait.

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