Gradkowski injury: A blessing in disguise

Just fall on to the Bart train tracks and end it all!

At least fall down a flight of stairs or something already!

How about a season ending, no even better, career ending sack! Ya, that would be just what this organization could use.

Plenty of these words, or some pretty much along these lines have spilled out of our mouths for most of the season. I can only imagine some of the more sinister ones that many of us have come up with that were all pointed in the direction of Jabusto Russell. Stop the bleeding of his so called "quarterbacking" so Gradkowski, Frye or even that kid that won the Madden Bowl last month could get a shot to salvage a shred of this teams pride.

Although we didn't exactly get that career ending sack to Jabusto, we did get something else that we wanted. Now hopefully this is the only time in our male lives that we wished for these, but we all were hoping for some balls. Yes those kind of balls! No not exactly for us, but for our so called coach Tom Cable.

Those balls made there presence felt (I got to admit, that was a good one) with the benching of Jabusto.

Gradkowski got his shot. He came in and displayed his leadership and desire to get the job done. Of course we weren't all making last minute reservation for a trip to Miami in February, but the future looked a little brighter for THE NATION. A big win at home against a strong Bengals team, and an exciting battle with the Super Bowl champions on the road had our hearts racing for the start of next year.

As Raider luck would have it though, that's just not the way the cookie crumbles.

Gradkowski ends up being the one to go down to a pair of knee injuries. Might be season ending, might not be. But I don't think you sign J.P. Losman, or a fourth qb to the roster, if you honestly think he might be back for this Sunday's match up with the Broncos. But that's another fanpost.

Yes we all cringed for what we knew would be next. With Gradkowski making his way back to the locker room and Frye a little dinged up, it meant only one thing. JaLardass would be "quarterbacking".

Now boys and girls, although I know this is something hard for us to do as THE RAIDER NATION, there's is a bright side to this tale. Let's take a look at the two scenarios here.

SCENARIO #1- Gradkowski doesn't go down to injury this year

Now had Gradkowski not had his own lineman roll up on him to cause this injury, he would have most definitely continued the rest of our year as the starting quarterback, further displaying that he wants to be here and lead this organization as the quarterback.

Unfortunately for us, it would leave the door open for Al to bring back JaDumbo next year to compete for the starting job and basically waste a roster spot for someone who could actually help us in some way.

SCENARIO #2- Gradkowski goes down with injuries to both knees. 




This allowed JaDumbass to show us, if anything, what he had learned from his benching. Prior to this game, he had opened his big mouth, normally used for shoveling "six dollar burgers", Sizzler's all you can eat bar and such, to comment on his benching experience. He said something along the lines of he was embarrassed and that he felt it was unwarranted. Basically, that he felt like if he was given the chance, he would show the naysayers they were wrong. Well JaTubbo, here was your chance! 

2nd Verse, same as the 1st!

Absolutely no pocket presence. Horrible timing and footwork. Apparently, not much learned from his time riding the pine, or actually in this day and age aluminum. But we wouldn't have truely known this without the injury to Gradkowski. We now have an almost training camp or preseason of sorts now with the signing of J.P. Losman coming in and the chance to possibly have Frye get in there for a start. The only difference is this will be in real game time situations, which we all know is much different than taking snaps during practice or in preseason games. We can get a true evaluation of who we will want to bring into camp next season to compete with Gradkowski for the starting job.

And once and for all not have any reason or excuse for bringing JaWalrus back next year. Because he still doesn't have a clue as to what it takes to be a quarterback in the NFL.

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