Raiders first,last,always.

I was living on east 14th street in oakland ca with hamilton jr. high as my backyard, when the Raiders played Green Bay in the second World Championship of Professional Football. It wasn't even the super bowl yet.

I was 6  maybe 7 yrs old then and I have been and remain a loyal "Raider rooter". Thats what we were called before the "Raider nation" came into it's own. I am not knocking it, I am proud to be part of it, as I am part of all things Raiders. I have seen the years of excellence and those of excrements. So I feel a sense of frustration when it comes to trying to find "the fix" that will return the Raiders to the glory they once knew. Very early on even as a youngster i could see that the problem was Al Davis vs. the N.F.L.  Al has out lasted two commissioners and is apparently in a staredown with a third. Still the Raiders are the only team that has to play virtually half of their games with a baseball dirt in field thru the center of the gridiron. Who's to blame? Who wants to play for a team that doesnt have their own stadium. Who should pay for one. The N.F.L.? The City of Oakland? The Raiders meaning Al Davis?

Its a problem.

 Another one is Team apathy I mean look at the sidelines are they to a man on their feet, interested in what their other team mates are doing or are they just hanging back ,waitjng on the call from some coach or other to let them know its time to get out there? We are Loyal fans. We want involved players. There is no one quick fix to the Raiders. Should Al Davis stepdown? Well,okay, but who's to replace him? Is there somebody else around who can do a better job guiding the Raiders? 

I think rather than have Al Davis step down, its the PLAYERS  that should STEP-UP! Better play at all levels would help alot. The exception being Shane Lechler. If he is not this teams most valuable player this year then "there is something Verrry Wronng here". Focus and Fundamentals. Thats what is needed to turn this ship around. Better blocking, solid tackling,hard hitting,and oh yeah two handed, both eyes on the ball, receiving.These are the areas that need improvement. Because in the end its the players that win or lose these games.

I do have an opinion for a head coach however. I have seen one coach bring more teams from  both confrences from deadlast to first in their division in damn short order! 

Bill Parcells.

Let others say what they will.

I will tell you this much, in my fifty years on this earth I have had three wives and one team.

The RAIDERS! First,Last,Always.

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