These guys would look good in Silver & Black

 "The Greatness of the Raiders is in it's future."  

        Like Blackbeard luring wayward sons to sea with promises of adventure and plunder, The Greatness of the Raiders has always been fueled by our ability to take other teams trash and turn it to treasure. It's well documented and need not be retread in great detail. Be it Jim Plunkett, Rich Gannon, Mike Haynes, Jerry Rice, Charlie Garner..... Our next run to greatness will probably be on the backs of mercenaries, renegades, guns for hire. Grown ass men not fitting in with their current team. Forget the million dollar babies you spend years molding into fine, upstanding citizens. Leave that to the school teachers and nannies! We're the Raiders, we build Greatness out of angry men, men with something to prove, castoffs. It's what we do.

      Aside from a few key positions, I see a lot of talent on this team. D line, secondary and RB corps are all solid. We can win with these guys. Kickers are obviously all star. We need a boost at QB, OL, LB and WR. I think it's a pretty good year for those spots and I think, with a solid draft and a couple key free agents, the Raiders can make a full turn around from this 6 year nightmare starting Week 1, 2010. We can't go on another spending spree, thanks to our fiscal mistakes the last few years, but 2-3 fresh faces in the right spots could make all the difference. I don't think we can afford to start the season without an addition at Quarterback, late season heroics not withstanding, and I really don't want to do the 1st round QB thing all over again. One good free agent Quarterback, one nasty free agent offensive lineman and a draft full of linemen, linebackers and a couple 4.2 "Al's boys" at wide receiver.... The rest of the team is ready to arrive. Here's some QBs I'd love to see playing in Oakland with something to prove:


Tarvaris Jackson,  Unrestricted FA  stats:

I am a big fan of this guy. 26 years old, mobile, his last two years he's got a QB rating over 100, 10 td's, 2 ints, mobile. He's anti-JaMarcus. Hopefully Favre sticks around another year and puts him on the market.

David Carr, UFA   stats:

He's 30, looks to be in great shape, and NY can't afford to keep him. Trade in one #1 overall for another, more developed #1? Sounds good to me.

Troy Smith UFA     stats:

Another young, mobile, fairly accurate QB you don't have to worry about fumbling or sacking the game away.

Some kids I'd love to see us get in the draft:

Bruce Campbell, Offensive Tackle, Maryland 

Rolando McClain, Inside Linebacker, Alabama

  Russell Okung, Offensive Tackle, Oklahoma State 

Bryan Bulaga, Offensive Tackle, Iowa

Dan Williams, Nose Tackle, Tennessee

C.J. Spiller, Running Back, Clemson

Charles Brown, Offensive Tackle, USC

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