Who are the players to blame for us having double digit losses AGAIN?

While looking at the season that has been, and the coming offseason, and with all of the comments that have been made, I decided to take a look at the roster, and give my opinion, on why things have been the way they have been for us this year, besides the issues with the Coach, and because of the Decisions of the Owner.


Blames on Offense: 

1)      The Offensive Line.

The Offensive line has been horrible.  Period. The Blocking has been horrible, Cornell Green with the penalties early this season, and the injuries and benchings that has caused us to place other players at different positions, especially the injuries to Gallery, our best offensive lineman. They have not given any of our quarterbacks protection, which is one of the reasons why we are in the bottom 5 teams of sacks allowed.

2)      JaMarcus Russell

Do you know how frustrating it is to hear my father week after week say that it's the offensive line's fault for everything, and that JaMarcus is a good quarterback?  It ANNOYS me.  Everyone, including Cable knows that he needed to be benched after Week 3.  We all know why he is not a good quarterback right now.  Will he get better? Who knows? I have to see it to believe it right now.

3)      Darren McFadden

I see Darren similar to Reggie Bush; he needs to be used in the right way.  The playcalling usually has him running in between the Tackles; that's not his specialty, It never was.  And, he fumbles. HOWEVER, If one takes a look at the list of rushers that fumbled the ball, he's up there with Adrian Peterson, Steve Slaton, Frank Gore, Michael Turner, Beanie Wells, and Ricky Williams.  Is he a homerun hitter right now? No.  I blame that though, on the playcalling.  Imagine a full house backfield that utilizes Bush, Fargas, and McFadden. Motioning could result in a big problem for the opposing Defense.  Is he a keeper?  I don't know.  He just needs to be used in a better way. 

4)      Darrius Heyward-Bey

There is no excuse for the way he has been dropping balls, especially when they hit him in the right place. He was a waste to be playing.  However, I have no reason not to believe that Al made Cable put him in.  Right now, he looks to be a waste of a pick.  He reminds me of Ted Ginn Jr., though: Blazing fast speed, but has no hands.  The key will be if he develops hands.  He should be used as a returner like Ted is; he'll probably be more suited for special teams.

5)      Javon Walker

You're probably wondering, "How can you blame somebody that only played below 10 plays the whole season?  Because, well, let's face it: He pissed Al off.  If he didn't do that, he would be playing I believe.  NOTE: I probably am wrong for this, so tell me if I am.  I feel 30-40% about this blame, but think about it for a second.

Blame on the Defense:

1)      Richard Seymour

Now this one, It was hard to realize it at first.  Yes, he was brought in, and didn't perform to Our expectations.  Yes, he did not make a huge impact playing as a DT.  However, I believe that he was out of his natural position. Was he worth the first rounder this year? No.  But, focus on these stats:  With him taking the double teams, Greg Ellis, Matt Shaughnessy, Trevor Scott and others have been getting the sacks.  Our pass rush is getting to where it needs to be now with him on.  The question is, will he be able to prove himself? Not at all, because I think he's going to another team.  Thus, even if he is a Pro Bowl Alternate, he is not the player worth the first round pick.  I say we need at least 2 more pass rushers - 2 Nose tackles and another Defensive Tackle - to solidify the line completely.

2)      The Linebackers as a whole.

Yeah, I put the whole Linebacking core on blast.  I think that the linebackers are to blame, rather than Seymour take all the blame.  On big run after big run, the linebackers are constantly out of position, allowing these plays to happen.  Same thing with the pass.  Excuse the amount of tackles Morrison had; He makes those tackles after the fact.  If the LBs played in position and in your face, then we would not be ranked among the low in defense.

3)      Chris Johnson and Stanford Routt

I remember watching this guy (CJ) this season every single week give up big play after big play after big darn play.  Routt has always been more of an underperformer than a performer. Point is, because Nnamdi is on the other side of the field, it is their responsibility to make the plays, because Nnamdi hardly gets thrown to, and STILL goes to Pro-Bowls.

Give your opinions on who else should be added.

Note: I hope this does not make me look like an ass.

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