2010 Raiders,,, time to trim the fat. Fan Fantasy GM

The Monday after the season ends should be known as "Silver and BLACK Monday".   Cable- gone, Russel-gone, Walker-gone, Fargas-gone, Heyward-bey- gone

Lets clear up some cap space, lets get veterans, this project with first round picks needs to be broken up.  Hey-bey is my lone second thought, but he still gets paid a million a catch and I like Murphy so much more. 

Replacements QB--- Gradkowski has proven he deserves first crack as starter. Love his fire and leadership.  Back up- bring in Michael Vick, let him compete for the starting postion.  You can get a 3 time pro-bowler for cheap.  He scrambles enough to buy time with a not-so good offensive line.  Gradkowski has improved our QB position by his ability to move, why not get the leagues best at mobility.  Russel you made your money, you cashed your lottery ticket,, congratulations. HOWEVER, you will never start for an NFL team again. There is not a team in the league that would start you or pay you what you are paid now!!! no where. He may be good in 4 years.. We dont have the time or money to wait!


Replacement RB--- Bush and Mcfadden combination will become potent when these two start receiving more carries.  Bush averages almost a full yard a carry than Fargas and is very cheap making about $500k a year.  Thats about 5 mil. less than Fargas.  Fargas inability to make it in the endzone is his failure.  800 career carries in 7 years and only 8 td's total, sorry not good enough.  He is the anti-Barry Sanders.  Where Barry always had a chance to go the distance, Fargas has no chance!  sorry bud, thanks for your detimination, but detirmination alone doesnt get you NFL touchdowns. We need touchdowns to win!  Mcfadden is the change of pace, third down back (we can only keep one overpriced back, lets keep the younger of the two).  I pose this question, we've seen what Fargas does with the ball.  How about we give Bush 20 carries a game and see what happens.  No more mediocre numbers from our RB position!


Replacement WR--- Murphy, Higgins, Schilliens.  Maybe pick up a free agent like Anquin Boldin (proven playmaker) and balance him with our young guys.  Heyward Bey may some day develope into a "good" reciever, but he'll never be great.  He's paid like he's great, but he's far from it.  Murphy and Higgins come with alot less expense than Bey and proven better receivers.  They are both young, but have shown potential.  The only brightside we've had concerning Bey is when I found out he was out this week and Higgins would get the start.  Higgins 4 catches 63 yds replacing Bey compares well with Beys seasons totals to date.  How much longer are we going to pay a receiver who cant catch? Javon Walker gets paid 6 mil a year to run with our scout team.  Cut!

Replacement Cable--- anyone with headcoaching experience.  Cable is enept.  He won his job by winning the last two games of the 2007 season. But he won those by fluke.  His starter Justin Fargas got injured and his back up Bush went off and the Raiders had 2 good wins.  He never would have played Bush if Fargas hadnt gone down, so he only won by technicality.  Bush is our only 100 yd rusher of the year and the 3 games following his break out performance he's only had 8 carries.  It took him 9 weeks to bench Russel.  Enough! Im tired of the ignorance.

Lets draft some lineman with the first 2 picks in the draft.  Lets use the extra cap space to sign Richard Seymoor. Hopefully add another, talented, veteran DE alongside Richard. 

2010 would be a great year!!!!

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