I like what the Raiders have done so far.

This Raiders offseason has been perfect for the organization. Re-Signing Nnamdi Asomugha and Shane Lechler, when most people said one player is leaving regardless somehow the old man we hate pulled it out. Then restructuring contracts, releasing players, and signing (LT) Khalif Barnes and trading for (C) Samson Satele. Those to young players are both very talented and will definitly help our offensive line.

Now the only thing the Raiders have to do to really help themselves and Jamarcus Russell is to start Mario Henderson. He is really looking to be a sleeper from the 2007 NFL Draft (round 3) if we start him at RT if will definitly give this team something else to look for in the NFL Draft. Prospects like Micheal Crabtree, B.J. Raji, Jeremy Maclin, Brian Orakpo, and possibly even trading out the seventh pick to possibly get Ray Maualuga, so they could put Kirk Morrison in his natural position as an OLB.

This team has plenty to prove to the NFL, The Fans, The Media, and most important themselves. They can make strides this year i personally think they can win the division. The AFC West is not strong anymore, think of it this way

Kansas City Chiefs: Are a young and talented team and will be back at top flight considering how well Matt Cassel plays (personally he is a bust he threw to Randy Moss and Wes Welker in one of the best passing systems in the NFL) this team needs a couple years to reach its true potential.

San Diego Chargers: Is a veteran team with plenty of talent but is pushing on age and are on the verge of losing Ladainian Tomlinson. They have this year and maybe next year to actually win the super bowl. But lets face it the Chargers dont have much longer to actually make the playoffs every year.

Denver Broncos: Very explosive offense, one of the best i have seen. They just need a running back to help Jay Cutler if he is even going to play for them next year. Regardless if he does or not they have no defense my High School team could Drop 28 on them. They have potential but every year they are blazing threw thier oppenents, but then they lose at the end of the season its hilarious.

Oakland Raiders: The Oakland Raiders have no passing game but have a nice running game. They have a nice pass D but no run D. They have some of the best talent in the league. They just need a consistent offense, surround Russell withe dependable players.   

AFC West Standings: (Mock)

1. San Diego (10-6)

2. Oakland Raiders (8-8)

3. Denver Broncos (7-9)

4. Kansas City Chiefs (4-12)

So let ke know what you think, you can leave a comment whether it be positive or negative.

Raider 4 Life!!

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