Once the season starts, it is official. Thats when the comparisons start. To me, the player that will have the better rookie season will probably be Jeremy Maclin because he goes to a team that has experience and there offense has a lot of playmakers. In second place come DHB. I'm not saying that because i'm a raider fan, it's because he is more of a better fit at Oakland than Crabtree is at SF. We can use DHB for trick plays and other stuff. That's what gives him the edge over Crabtree. In the long run, the best reciever overall is......................... right now it is Michael Crabtree. The only reason why he is the best is because he has more hands. If DHB and Maclin had more hands, no question the order would look like this:


2 Maclin

3 Crabtree


here are the pros and cons for each player.


Michael Crabtree



Pros: Has the desired measurements for a franchise receiver. Is extremely dangerous after the catch; routinely turns 8-yard receptions into 30 yard gains. Has huge hands and excellent coordination for someone his size allowing him to haul in errant throws. Provides mismatch problems against diminutive cornerbacks as he can out-jump and properly angle his body to bring in the pass on fade and jump ball routes.

Cons: Is not a flat-out burner although he does have adequate speed so he can be caught from behind and dragged down. Texas Tech doesn't employ a full route tree so he hasn't run all the routes an NFL team will require so he'll need to learn the nuances of his position throughout training camp.


Darrius Heyward-Bey



Pros:  Exceptional straight-line speed. Opponents must account for his deep speed on every play. Too fast off the snap for most defenders to challenge him in press coverage. Long, lean athlete with long arms and strong hands. Has the agility to make plays in space. Reads the field and can follow his blocks to generate yards after the catch. Can snatch the ball out of the air. Learning to better use his height as an advantage. Good leaping ability and has become more consistent in timing his leaps.

Cons:  Bit of a one trick pony at this time. Might be the draft's most dangerous vertical threat, but offers little else. Long-legged and struggles to generate consistent separation out of his cuts. Not as consistently effective on jump balls as he should be, considering his natural size advantage. Too often double-clutches the ball. Questionable toughness running across the middle. Lacks strength and consistent effort as a downfield blocker.


Jeremy Maclin



Pros: Maclin's greatest assest is his speed and he has F-18 Hornet type afterburners. Runs good routes and is allusive when in the open field. Has a good sense when to come back to the ball on broken plays. Good hands

Cons: He looks a little small to be an NFL wide receiver. May get bumped off his routes by bigger players. Has had some injuries in college but able to bounce back from them.


So, may the best man (hopefully DHB) win(again, hopefully DHB)



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