Darrius Heyward-Bey

The receiver position is one of the more exciting positions in the NFL. The individual who is positioned to play it is usually a gifted specimen who is a play maker. What skills must this play maker have? The must possess the ability to run, jump and catch while under extreme pressure and disturbance. It is not a position everyone can play, even though so many think they can.

There is only one way you guys will get the most out of this post. It is by spending time on it and actually reading and watching the parts of the videos I tell you. Please, take your time with this post.

This year's draft contained a great amount of superstars who can play the wide receiver position. These individuals are Michael Crabtree, Jeremy Maclin, and Darrius Heyward-Bey. It is so hard to evaluate wide receivers because almost all of them are good, it just comes down to who is better and who fits better with their team and in the NFL.

Michael Crabtree - From all the tapes, hands-down, Crabtree has the best hands. He has the unique set of "Sticky Fingaz" that many dream about having. He runs good routes and is not given enough credit for his speed. He ran many screens in college because he was in a spread offense and it was the best way to utilize his speed. To be honest, I think Texas Tech used all of Michael Crabtree they could.

Jeremy Maclin - When I hear about him, I think explosion. He has a gear on him that when he hits, he flies by. He has the best acceleration from the three, but not the best speed. His gear falls off as he gets deeper into his runs. Route running is okay, but he ran extremely simple patterns in college that almost anyone can do. The only thing that separates him from the rest is his ability to make a play after the catch.

Darrius Heyward-Bey - You already know I'm about to break this guy down to the fullest. He is my favorite and for many reasons, not just because he is a Raider.

  1. He possesses the best speed from any player in this year's draft. What does that mean, there is no way you can overthrow this kid. This kid has bailed out his quarterback so many times at Maryland that I can't even count. Check this video: I Believe He Overthrew The Pass With that speed, he can stretch the field and have his quarterback just throw it up for him to catch it. I like to add Jamarcus is the perfect candidate for this quarterbacking job. Check it out: Exciting!
  2. He possesses the amazing ability to jump over the defender to fight for a ball. Again, his quarterback overthrew the ball, but Heyward-Bey went up to bail out his quarterback and catch the ball. Check this video: Only Watch 00:57 To 01:40. Also, look at him go up to make this catch. It is well overthrown and sort of behind him so he had to get up high and also slow down and take a hit and still catch the ball. Check it out: Only Watch From 05:45 To 06:07   
  3. He possesses the ability to make a game changing play from a disastrous play or even a small hole. He can add to a little 5 yard catch and make it a touchdown. Take a look: Check Him Out
  4. He has faced double coverage and even triple coverage in his college career. He also faced some of the best like Alphonso Smith and more. However, he continued to showcase his brilliance each time he stepped on the field. Check it out: Watch Only From 00:37 To The End Also check this out: Watch From 01:41 To 01:54  
  5. Okay, this is Heyward-Bey getting the opportunity to get a taste of a spread offense...sort of. He gets a screen, just like Crabtree usually gets, and looks what he does with it: Only Watch From 07:37 To 08:05 (Also, the screen pass was behind him. What a garbage quarterback. I mean sheesh!)
  6. Who likes players who are versatile? This kid can use his speed so many ways. I mean, Maryland knew this kid was their only player maker and they struggled so much to get him the ball that they soon had to do this. And still, this kid succeeded. Check it: Only Watch From 01:40 to 02:31. Here is another video (Yes, I know he didn't make the TD, but hey, it was amazing): Here It Is
  7. Route running is so important to learn at an early age. This is something DHB already knows and it will be an advantage in the NFL. Receivers like Crabtree and Maclin have not had as much experience running in a pro-style offense and running pro-routes. They have not faced the corners or press coverage. DHB has, just take a look at this clean post route:  Watch From 01:31 To 01:41
  8. One thing I found out about this kid is that he makes the most out of his opportunities. Even though his team struggled to get him the ball, evey time he did get the ball, he had to put forward his very best ot make the catch. Take this video for example, he used all of his speed, height and reach to get away from the defender and make the catch.
  9. The next one is the catalyst of why I think he is the best wide receiver from the bunch. He never complains, argues, or showcases rude behavior. Tell me a time when you heard, " Darrius Heyward-Bey was arrested for fighting or drugs." Never! He has the best character from the bunch and that is non-arguable. I mean, if I was the receiver from Maryland, I would've already made a case about how bad the quarterback at Maryland was, but I didn't hear one bad comment come from his mouth.
  10. Work ethic. So important. From what I hear, DHB had to work for everything in his life. He was told he can't play football in college and look at him now. Now, people say he is not going to succeed in the next level. Do you think this will change him? Nope, this is motivation. Keep it coming baby. This kid is already showing signs of great work ethic and I can't wait for him to learn how to play wide receiver in the NFL.
  11. This is the last reason. He is on a team that he fits in perfectly. Name one receiver on the Raiders who is as tall as DHB and can stretch the field? None. He is unique and he is something we don't currently have. We have speedsters, but they are small. We have giants, but they are slow. DHB is a mixture of both. Perfect fit.

This concludes my reasoning of why DHB is the best receiver of the bunch. I proved my points with conclusive evidence and I hope you agree with my resoning and appreciate my thoughts. Cheers to DHB!




Special thanks to Draftparty, Sheets24heisman, Imatopprospect, and all the video makers on You Tube for the clips.

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