Oakland Raiders 2009 Playoff Bound



 The Raiders Can Do It. Everything is Set. The Afc West Is Ours.


Last Season the Oakland Raiders had an off season where they signed big names to large deals with names like DeAngelo Hall and Javon Walker. These moves that were did not help at all. The Raiders had another bad season.

After the 08 Season I was ANXIOUSLY waiting to see what the Raiders were going to do with free agency beginning. They did not make any moves, even with a bad recieving core, the Raiders didn't even negotiate with guys like T.O And Marvin Harrison. Later the Raiders made moves that were far different than last year. They made moves for the teams needed postions.

They Upgraded the OL with Samson Satele And Khalif Barnes.

Jeff Garcia Is A Backup QB With A lot Of Experience and Will Help Guide Russell And If Russell Plays Horribly Or Gets Injured, Jeff Will Step In And Play Just Fine

Lorenzo Neal at FB, He's a Leader And Can Help Set The Correct Additude For That Locker Room. He's also one of the best FBs to play the game and will make the Raiders Strong Rush Attack even stronger.

They Also Signed De/Lb Greg Ellis who is very solid and can give good advice and will help the Raider Defense

Now Lets Go To The Draft where I am VERY satisfied with the moves.

Darrius Heyward-Bey-He's taller than Crabtree and Is more Pyhiscal.He's BLAZING FAST. They say he can't catch the ball but it is said he has dropped only 4 balls in his final season in college. Crabtree is said to drop 6. Many Raider Haters Use their running mouth to say DHB can't catch the ball but have these people ever seen him play? Crabtree's stats are better but the offense he comes from passes over 50xz! Thats an easy way to generate monster stats especailly if the Qb is Decent. DHB is from a run first offense which barely passes the ball and never had a good Qb.The type of offense DHB was in Is more common to the Nfl so DHB Can learn faster and is already somewhat use to the offense.That also makes DHB more complete since he had to block for thr run in college a lot and is ready now.Crabtree runs about a 4.5, and thats from a website that also sed he's 6 foot 3.NOT true and if Crabtree does run a 4.5 thats not fast. He went up against freshmen Cbs or ones that weren't even good.DHB played against the better Cbs. Crabtree the Diva Is very cocky and would be tough to deal with. He'd be in the Al Davis DogHouse If he came to Oakland. DHB makes his team better. Defenses will account for his speed and that is great for Oakland because of their Backfield and other High Potential Wrs. The Play Action will be affective. DHB is a very committed hard worker who gives it his best. He makes his team better and spreads the field. The kid will face up to Nmandi Asoumgha who is by far the best Cb in the game. That will help DHB to the Extreme. Even though DHB will probably get shut down by Asomugha everyday, when he hits the playing field he's going to think "Practice was way harder." When You look at why DHB could be better, the facts that support him are untouchable while Crabtree is still injured.

Mike Mitchell- Analysts didn't like the pick but i loved The Speed and Oh My Goodness What A Hard Hitter. The Raiders needed a safety since losing Girbil Wilson and they definetly got one in this BEAST.

Louis Murphy- From the Gators is very fast he can catch and proved himself in College. I like this kid. He's a solid WR

Lets breakdown the offense

QB- Jamarcus Russell played very well at the end of last year. It was really his rookie season. His stats surpassed greats as Troy Aikman, Jon Elway, Eli Manning and Peyton Manning in their first year. Im sure there's others but with all that said he had no protection, no wrs and not a very good defense to back him up. He now has Jeff Garcia to learn from and Paul Hackett who played a Huge role in the greatness of Gannon and Montana.

Rbs- Darren Mcfadden Michael Bush And Justin Fargas- All are dangerous. People call Mcfadden a Bust. R U SEROUS!? He was injured last season and played very well anyways. He's Explosive and Tough. Bush is big and will pound the rock. He put up 177 against TB, that showed his worth. He's lethal. Fargas always runs hard and never stops fighiting for the extra yards. This triple threat will be hard to stop. Lorenzo Neal can pave the way for big gains

OL- Wasn't solid last season but can be better and has worked harder. They have New additions and developing players like Mario Henderson ,who played very well after Kwame Harris lost his spot.

Recieving-Heyward-Bey, Schilens, Higgins, Walker, Murphy, Miller

DHB is fastest in the whole draft, I already broke him down earlier. Schilens is 6,4 awesome hands with great speed. He would be a solid #1, Higgins stepped up at the end of last season, very fast and can do amazing things after the catch. Walker is aging and coming off injury he might be good but he definetly has nice hands and is a possession Wr. He played 1 game healthy against the Jets and Almost had 100 yards. Murphy is a rookie talent who will be useful with his abilities can play a great leadership role. Zack Miller has always been consistent he will be a great threat at TE as he rises to one of the best in the league.

Defense- New Cordinator John Marshall will make a lot of improvements to put this defense to its potential

DL- I think it is our weakest core. Our Ends Are great.Burgess, Ellis a young great Trevor Scott who can grow into a premier pass rusher but I am not sure if our Dts can stuff the run. Hopefully Kelly Can play Solid.

Lbs- Howard and Morrison have been part of the heart of the Raider team. Always playing well and are so underrated. Howard can make the big Pick 6, sack and drop the ball carriers behind the line. Morrison is a Nfl Leader of tackling and is a good leader for the defense.

Cbs- The best corner to play is Nmandi Asougha, Qbs don't throw his way and on the other side is Chris Johnson who played very well and can only get better and become one of the best. He ain't no sucker, throwing his way can be risky.

Safeties- Michael Huff, Mike Mitchell, and Tyvon Branch.Huff hasn't been special but can get better. I think he's good in coverage but has tackling woes. Mike Mitchell is fast, higly committed and Will lay someone out Jack Tatum Style. Tyvon Branch is fast and has played well, he plays hard and will stick his head in to make tackles.

Our defense is dangerous and with a good Coordinator in Marshall I think the Raiders are ready to shut down the run much better. Which they have been weak at doing lately.

Special Teams- Jonnie Lee Higgins And Justin Miller Taking Kicks Back to The house NO Problem.

Tom Cable has changed the team mentally. They are like family now and play for eachother. Say what you want about Cable but He LOVES his team with a passion(unlike any previous coaches) and will do what he needs to bring the Raiders back. He brings the heart.

This team has what it needs. It will Contend in 2009. San Diego Seems like the only obstacle and is on the decline. They went 8-8 last year. The Raiders Just need to win the Weak AFC West. All I Say Is How tough for a defense can it be when The speed of Mcfadden,DHB and Higgins are on the field, Did I mention everyone else!?






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