Tom Cable Salute

Once the offensive line coach for the Atlanta Falcons now the leader of our Oakland Raiders. Someone who was a simple coach who no one really knew now has the undisputed and immeasurable love and respect from our players which has been missing from the organization since the super bowl season back in 2002. In my opinion this is what Tom Cable has given us since his Interim Tag.

 1)Raiders vs Saints week 6- 34 to 3 OAK loss- Not the best game from this season but, was his first start as interim head coach.

 2)Jets vs Raiders week 7- 13 to 16 OAK Win- Wonderful when we had the reputation that we couldn't play 4 quarters well, to those past doubters we played 5 quarters Tom Cable was quick to recover from near game losing mentality we he called timeout when Feely missed it Tom Cable got his guys together and sparked a fire which burned though the game and overtime.

 3)Raiders vs Baltimore week 8- 10 to 26 OAK Loss- Things really didn't go good with the Ravens but, the biggest loss from that game was Justin Griffith.

 4)Falcons vs Raiders week 9- 24 to OAK Loss- Shit worst game in 40 years we did not deserve the beating that was received. Matt Ryan did win Rookie of the year so it is a little OK.

 5)Panthers vs Raiders week 10- 17 to 6 OAK Loss- Bad news is Raiders lose and Jamarcus Russell did not play, Good News Nnamdi got his first pick of the year against Steve Smith and Deangelo Hall was not in a Raider uniform thank God.

 6)Raiders vs Dolphins week 11- 15 to 17 OAK Loss- A better game in recent weeks we saw the amazing JLH Take it back 80 yards but, I recall the last drive we had everyone was walking to the line no rush at all not how to lead or set an example Russell.

 7)Raiders vs Broncos week 12- 31 to 10 OAK Win- WOW a Oakland explosion electric Darren Mcfadden had 2 TD's Jamarcus was 10\11 for 152 yards Thomas Howard picked off our friend Jay Cutler whom I was glad that he was given a last escort out of the division by the Raiders. Note- No offensive TD for the Raiders in 15 Quarters but, gave 3 TD's in 18 plays also in breaking news Tom Cable highest vertical jump by coach in 2008.

 8)Chiefs vs Raiders week 13- 20 to 13 OAK Loss- Not very good timing mine and Rayder K's first Raider game ended up as a loss to a rival but, we expeienced a interception by Chris and a TD by Justin Fargas.

 9)Raiders vs Chargers week 14- 7- 34 OAK Loss- TD returned kick off by Justin Miller that is about it. I promise it will be much much different next time cuz it's in the Black Hole.

10)Patriots vs Raiders week 15- 49 to 26 OAK Loss- First game I missed all season but, Darren Mcfadden and JLH both had TD's.

 11)Texans vs Raiders week 16- 16 to 27 OAK Win- First TD on first drive by the Raiders all year long and a nice overall win by the Raiders over a hot team.

12)Raiders vs Tampa Bay week 17- 31 to 24 Oak Win- What a great way to end the season take away Gruden's job and put Garcia in Silver& Black, Bushes explosion and first comeback win.

 Overall- In my own thoughts Tom Cable did a nice job won some amazing game but, loss some we should have won. Got the respect that the players gave him which is huge.

 After That- Named Head Coach of the Oakland Raiders and just doing great in off-season by adding people like Free Agent, Trade, and Undrafted Free Agent acquirement's.

1)Erik Pears T

2)Khalif Barnes T

3)Jason Horton DB

4)Samson Satele C

5)Ryan Boschetti DT

6)Marcus Johnson T

7)Jeff Garcia QB

8)Frantz Joseph LB

9)David Nixson LB

10)Lorenzo Neal FB

11)Gary Russell RB

12)Samie Parker WR

13)Danny Southwick QB

14)Keith Davis DB

15)Charlie Frye QB

16)Greg Ellis DE I know that there are more but these are the ones I think are good

 Tom Cable has lead us into one of the best off-seasons we have had in years. To that I must and I will proudly Salute Tom Cable. How has he done in your opinion.

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