My thoughts on the NFL, and other stuff...

Ok so im not peter king, but i like his format and i have alot to talk about...

1. Donte Stallworth should not get more than 30 days in jail. There are several reasons why-

a. He was drunk, but he was not driving over the speed limit, flashed his lights at the man before at enough distance for him to react, and hit the man while he was jay walking.

b. Donte has been overly proactive to solve this issue from day 1.

c. The family of the deceased is completely content with the sentence, so why should we not be? The family has reached a settlement that will pay for all of their children's college tuition and then some, and the family realizes that whats the difference in their lives if Donte were to stay 30 days as opposed to 2 years? Nothing. The family also realizes that Donte was not at complete fault, and with the effort he put into solving the issue, realize that this is not a bad man.

When the newspaper report this issue, they say it like this "DONTE STALLWORTH GETS 30 DAYS FOR DUI MANSLATER" like he got off easy. What they won't print is the amount of money he gave, that he was not at complete fault, that he probably will lose 5 million plus dollars from his suspension(most likely for the entire upcoming season), and has given up his right do drive for all eternity. Yes that is correct. His license will be permanently suspended upon his choice as to satisfy the family and courts. He will also be under 2 years house arrest and 8 years probation. People will say that this is about money and "he got off easy because he is rich." I will say that this IS about money, but it is also about the money he lost and will lose in the future. He has money, and that means he can take more proactive measures to satisfy the family of the victim. Again the family realizes that they have lost there father for which they can never replace, but they knew that this man is not a criminal and that he can secure their family as much as possible in a very insecure time. And again, they know that if Donte Stallworth were to spend 2 years in jail as opposed to the 30 days, and he didn't suspend his license for eternity and give the family a large amount of money, what would be the difference in their lives? A good man would go to jail and they would receive no benefits. The family may never forgive Donte, but they know that he was willing to do whatever it takes to make up for it. The newspaper should have put this as their headline "DONTE STALLWORTH HITS A MAN WHO JUMPED INTO TRAFFIC" but that doesn't sell as many newspaper. (Please read the entire thought and not just the highlights before you jump all over me or agree with me)

2. Is it just me or are the Redskins and the Texans about to explode this next year and be dominant? The Redskins have the most untalked about superstar in the league in Albert Haynesworth. As soon as he signed the contract, we all talked about him for like 5 days, then his name disappeared from the papers. Why? Because of TO and Brett Favre. Those are sexier stories. But you add a player who almost won the NFL MVP as a DT to the 4th best defense in football, and you have your rookie receivers more refined in their abilities, and a top tier running back and tight end on offense, then how is this not a wild card possibility team? The Eagles are loaded, and the Giants are always tough, but I think that is why this division will have 3 teams in the playoffs just like a couple years ago. As for the Texans, this team is gonna be scary on defense with amobe akoye, mario williams, and antonio smith coming off the edge, brian cushing and demeco ryans backing them up, even the Cincy guy playing both linebacker and defensive end. And on offense, this is only the no. 3 overall team in the league. I know most of you guys didn't realize that until i told you, and its not your fault. This team is not san diego, new england, dallas, or the giants and steelers, and therefore, there hasn't ben a story about them all offseason. With Haynesworth leaving the titans along with jim shwartz(look at the defensive numbers with and without albert, and this defense goes from a top tier to very very very average), the titans will be worse and the jags are going to have growing pains with their tackles and lack of another rb to help out maurice jones drew.

3. Jamarcus Russell is starting to look like a top pick player in OTAs, and DHB is looking like a rookie. The first is not expected from other fans, but loyal and intelligent raider fans have known this all along.  But the second is. The first is a positive, and the second isn't, but it isn't a huge negative. I just hope DHB doesn't turn into Charles Rogers, a big fast receiver who when he played is great but injuries kept him out of the action. (Knock on wood)

4. Greg Ellis is a great signing. He can still play well and is a great player to teach our young guys (jay richardson, trevor scott, greysion gunheim, matt shaugnessy, stryker sulak)

5. I think we may have got 2 starting safeties this draft. The first is a huge suprise when mitchell was taken in the 2nd round, a whole 6 rounds ahead of where the so called "experts" had him ranked. But after watching film on him, the raiders (and even the bears) knew this guy can play. But the other safety is jerome boyd, the undrafted FA from Oregon who was converted from linebacker to strong safety. He was a very fast and undersized linebacker, but he looks like a great project at SS. He is also been the biggest suprise among the rookies that the raiders have drafted. I don't have the link, but has a story that proves my point. With mitchell being a more natural safety than boyd, and making many of the plays on his youtube highlight video from the deep safety, its a big maybe, but we may have some huge hitters lining up for us in the D backfield.

6. This last one is going to piss people off, but whatever. Michael Vick has paid his dues. He should not be suspended by the league at all. 2 years in jail, 100 million dollar contract to bankrupt, and no possibility to repair his image with some people is punishment enough. Michael Vick was charged with dogfighting. Dogfighting for gods sake. Not rape. Not tax evasion. Not drug trafficking (although he has had marijuana before). Not robbery. But dogfighting. In Pakistan he would be considered an entertainer (In Pakistan, for entertainment, they take a black bear and take out all the teeth and the claws and unleash 3 pitbulls on it and bet on how long the bear lasts). He has been suggested by some people to be given a pyschiatric evaluation by a doctor to see if he is crazy. Come on. He FUNDED a dogfighting ring in a house he was rarely ever at. He did not choke dogs to death, dismember them or any of that stuff. You know who did all the disgusting stuff? The guys who ratted on him. It is illegal, but the punishment does not fit the crime at all, and now people want him to suffer more? Screw that. And no i am not black. I am a conservative white guy who loves animals(I gave up my Christmas and Birthday presents to pay for a stray dogs medical bills. He is now my most favorite animal Ive ever owned). I am the perfect enemy for michael vick, but i think he has suffered more than enough. To Michael Vick, dogfighting was a way of life. He grew up watching it with his father. More than anything PETA (who does great things for animals but really pissed me off with the witch hunt for vick) should be trying to stop dog fighting in rural america instead of taking out superstars to make their organizations feel more important. I honestly believe that there are people in America who want Mike Vick to burn in hell and that he can never make up for his mistake, which is sad. Its like Christians who go to Church on Sunday then sin uncontrollably M-Saturday. The Vick haters piss me off just as much. Mike Vicks life as it was is over. He is now the most scrutinized athlete of all time. Bar None. Well actually there is only one athlete who compares with him and that is OJ Simpson who murdered his wife and got off free. I hope Mike Vick the best and wish he will be reinstated as long as he shows that his life is in order and he has a plan to improve his life and image.

7. I hope you all don't crucify me because of thought number 6.

8. I hope I actually get some comments on the other thoughts besides just number 6.

9. Number 6 is actually a bad number to give to that topic considering I mention Hell and Mike Vick in the same paragraph. I hope no one thinks I did that purposefully.

10. OJ did it the first time. Don't deny it. This second event just proves the first.

11.  I voted for McCain, but I have been pleased with Obama so far in his tenure. There are no real bold decisions in this regime so far, but I think he will do alright.

12. Is it just me or is Eva Mendez still the hottest women of all time?

13. I have mentioned religion and politics in this same post. That is probably the worst decision for someone who wants to talk about sports when mentioning the most 2 opinionated and aggressive topics to talk about. LOL!!!

14. Please Please Please don't kick me outta here for this post.

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