Musings on roster trimming & possible Raider acquisitions (Now w/updates & further thoughts!)

Yahoo Sports NFL transactions page is here:   

UPDATE #7: Really, at this point, you'd be better served to go to the various SB Nation blogs if you're curious about who is cutting who rather than that Yahoo Transactions page.  It seems they pretty much suck at updating it in a timely fashion.

UPDATE #8: Interesting discussion going on below, lots of interesting names being thrown about.  Mostly daydreaming, it is true, but fun!  Also, I want to say that though the Raiders apparently knew what they were doing in cutting Sulak loose before training camp, they apparently didn't know what they were doing when they drafted him in the first place :-)

--I see Stryker Sulak was among the casualties in Green Bay, which shows that maybe the Raiders knew what they were doing in turning him loose before camp.

As for people I wouldn't mind seeing the Raiders pick up, there are a few names.  (Of course I won't exactly be disappointed if none of them get snagged):

--Center Alex Stepanovich was cut by Pittsburgh and may be a better option at backup than John Wade.  I believe he can also play guard, though I'm not 100 percent on that.  His cut reflects less on him than it does on the fact that the Steelers are really deep at center currently.

--Defensive tackle Dusty Dvoracek was let go by the Bears.  If the team wants to carry 5 DT's, he certainly can't be any worse than Terdell Sands and might be a whole lot better.  He had 29 tackles and 2 defended passes in 12 games of spot duty last season.

--Cornerback Rod Hood was released by the Browns.  He's a solid, if unspectacular, veteran and there's no doubt in my mind he is a better option as 4th CB than Bowie or anyone else currently on the roster.  He might even be able to push Routt for the nickel spot.

--As for the Raiders first batch of cuts, I agree with LiveAdam in saying the only one that surprises me is Marcus Johnson.  I had thought he was one of our better options at backup guard who could also be inserted into right tackle if it became necessary.  I suppose the coaching staff knows something I don't, though.  Or at least I hope so.

I'll update this when I can today/tomorrow as more cuts are announced and/or more thoughts strike me.

UPDATE:  I see the Saints have opted to ditch ex-Raider Rod Coleman.  Even though he's an former Pro Bowler, I can't imagine he's got much left in the tank.  He was out of football last year and apparently his efforts in a comeback bid didn't impress Sean Payton.  Even though Al loves ex -Raiders, I can't imagine him being signed.  He probably can't be anything more than a 5th DT at this point anyway.

UPDATE #2: Nothing official yet, but I see some Rams fans over at Turf Show Times are speculating that Hollis Thomas may be one of those dumped by St. Louis.  Thomas has no pass rush, but is an expert run stuffer and really clogs up the lanes.  However, he's 35, prone to conditioning/weight issues and only played 8 games last year.  So I think that's a no go too even if he is cut.

UPDATE #3: The Titans have cut center Matt Lehr.  The SB Nation scouting report on his page says the following:

  • A smart, competitive player with good technique. Runs well and can pull and trap block. Has good functional strength.
  • Lacks height and will never be a mauler. Needs help against better DTs.
Career Potential
  • Adequate starter.

I think the flaws outweigh the assets in this case.

UPDATE #4:   The Bears have signed Rod Hood.  Not suprised he got snapped up quickly.  I wish we had one more solid corner.  Who knows what's around the bend, though?  The real bloodbath is coming soon when the trim-to-53 begins. Then it gets to be musical chairs.

UPDATE #5: Speaking of the Rams, I see they traded their 2006 first round draft pick CB Tye Hill and cut their second round pick from that year, TE Joe Klopfenstein.  No wonder Scott Linehan doesn't have head coaching job anymore; he pretty much fan that franchise into the ground.  And from what I've been reading, another former first round pick of Linehan's, Adam Carriker, is on the fence and is close to being cut outright.  Things like this are why you never (or should never) hear of a Rams fan making fun of Al Davis' draft picks.

UPDATE #6: The Chiefs have cut Amani Toomer loose.  I have a hard time believing he won't be able to find work for at least this season.

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