Arguments for and against Cable

As with any decision there always pros and cons to consider in making it. Some things Al may take into consideration:


The Record (5-11)

While the victories against play-off contenders are impressive, is it enough to keep Tom Cable around? The real question that lies here is why could we beat them and not the less than spectacular teams? Why couldn't we finish into the next week for another win?  A lot of that lies on sporadic play calling that seemed like some bi polar drug addict was calling them. No offense if you're bi polar or a drug addict and are reading this. However, he may have redeemed himself in admitting he may have been doing to many things at once. Some of us believe this may actually warrant him another chance if he relinquishes play calling.


JaMarcus Russell

Hmmm... Where do we begin here? He made the right decision benching him. But the wrong decision so late into the season. It seems that Davis still things Russell is the future. I don't , but that's just my opinion. Benching Russell may seal Cable's voyage to the great blue yonder because it seems as he has given up on him. Russell is still Davis' baby and new shiny toy. However it does seem Russell has not only lost the faith of the Raider Nation and coaching staff, but also the locker room. That's a dangerous thing to lose.  By benching him, Cable brought the "Just win, baby!" back to the nation, even if minor. But locker room talk brings us to another good point:


Player Suport

I posted an article before that Tom Cable has support by more than a majority of the locker room. However is that enough? He did seem to bring a sense of family, if you will, back to Oakland. And the team did seem to rally when Bruce and Charlie were on the field, which again leads to the above point that Russell has lost the respect of the locker room. A bad thing for a QB. However, in the Cleveland game, these same players that say they want to play hard for Cable sure let him down w/ 2 ejections, 1 for an unnecessary head butt. Please show me a necessary one. Of course this could all just lead to emotion getting the better of them. The losing games, the inability to continue into the next week and get another win, certain players throwing others under the bus, etc. So perhaps Cable deserves a pass here. However, allowing your team to fall apart like that is inexcusable.


Personal Conduct Questions

Well. Randy Hanson and the alleged abuse of his ex wives. This was drawn out in public quite a bit. He was man about it, admitted he hit his ex-wife. Does that make it okay? No, not at all. But it was 20 years ago. People can change. He was sorry about it. And he kept the team focused despite all this.


Coaching Consistency

Yes. Keeping a head coach for more than a year or 2 to actually build something is the right thing to do. However, there should be some improvement. When he benched Russell, numbers across the board went up. However he still could not get the team to commit to win. So to keep a coach that is unable to keep a streak and momentum going could be the wrong thing to do.


So while this posting is not close to exhaustive, it's some points I think Al will mull over before making his decision. It truly does look 50/50 for him. The only thing that may tip it in his favor is the players behind him, even Russell. However, Davis' insistence of playing Russell and developing him  and possibly right off yet another season may seal his fate.

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