Raiders "News", Inference and Innuendos

We reach yet another day in the so-called Cable watch without really knowing anything yet as to the real fate of Tom Cable. Yesterday was a deadline day pursuant to the CBA for clubs to advise the league of their intentions of whether or not they would be retaining their current assistant coaches. Well, yesterday passed without any word coming out of 1220 Harbor Bay Parkway.

However, we do have this "News" according to the SF Chronicle, which has Al Davis interviewing several assistant coaches, unknown is whether that would be for Cable's position or replacing assistants:

Raiders owner Al Davis has interviewed prospective head coaches for more than two weeks, two league sources told The Chronicle, in the event he decides to fire Tom Cable.

Two people on his interview list have been identified as former Giants coach Jim Fassel, who now coaches UFL champion Las Vegas, and former Raiders offensive coordinator Marc Trestman, the head coach of CFL champion Montreal.

Several sources, including one within the organization, believe Davis may re-interview 2009 candidates Kevin Gilbride, the Giants' offensive coordinator, and Winston Moss, a Packers assistant head coach, if he hasn't already.

If Davis has indeed made a decision on Cable, no one with the organization either knows or is talking about it. His inner circle is as small as it is airtight. If anyone knows Davis' plans, they're not saying.

Whoever the head coach is next season, Davis appears ready to assemble a supporting coaching staff. Former Giants defensive line coach Mike Waufle will interview for a similar position with the Raiders, according to

Waufle coached the Raiders' defensive line from 1998-2003. That position is held by Dwaine Board, who came to Oakland last season. Waufle was in Oakland on Tuesday

Just the way Al wants it, the entire Raiders organization is in air-tight mode, where if there was a leak, Davis would know the perpetrator. 

There is now also the word that Davis is also interested in Ravens QB coach Hue Jackson, someone that Davis has interviewed before. Would this be for an OC position? Would it be for  the same position? If so, what happens with Hackett? Only Al knows and we will all find out probably days or weeks after his decisions have been made. It is amazing how he has kept everyone silent, including Cable at this time.

Here is the story about Hue Jackson according to Schefter:

In the continuing odd world of the Oakland Raiders, the team asked for and received permission to interview Baltimore Ravens quarterbacks coach Hue Jackson for an unspecified position, a league source told ESPN.

Jackson has aspired to become a head coach, but Oakland also has been seeking someone that could work with and develop former No. 1 overall pick JaMarcus Russell.

When the Raiders will interview Jackson is uncertain. What they're interviewing him for is uncertain. When there will be word on head coach Tom Cable's fate also is uncertain.

Cable was scheduled to meet with Raiders owner Al Davis last week, but the meeting never occurred. The staff's future remains up in the air until that meeting happens.

Cable's job is in question after he went 5-11 in his first full season as coach and failed to develop Russell into a legitimate NFL quarterback. Cable is 9-19 since replacing Lane Kiffin early in the 2008 season, leading the Raiders to their NFL-worst seventh straight season with at least 11 losses.

Cable has pointed to the team's improvement after Russell's midseason benching as proof that he deserves another year.

Adam Schefter is ESPN's NFL Insider. Information from The Associated Press was used in this report.

The Waufle interview is very interesting in that he was with the Raiders before and has obviously done a great job with the Giants defensive line. But the Raiders have Dwaine Board, who was selected by DC John Marshall, so what is to be read into this? Schefter has also reported that Davis has had enough with the ZBS and will shift back to the power blocking scheme. That news in itself is good news just for the fact that it will mean that the current offensive line will be ditched and offensive lineman will be a top priority in free agency and the draft.

However, it is appearing clearer by the day that Davis will not abandon JaMarcus Russell as his QB and we will all have to endure another season of the Russell experiment.

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