An open letter to JaMarcus calling him out!

I sit here reading all the blogs and comments. Being new to the S&B Pride I am still finding my way and listening to what people say.

The frustration mounts throughout. We bubble and seethe with our contempt and frustration for the once feared and mightiest franchise in the NFL, there is one common denominator we all (nearly) agree upon. JaMarcus is a bust!

We can debate until blue in our faces and falling down drunk (believe me when I want to be drunk writing this!) how much of a bust/failure he is. A bust/failure is still a failure to what extent it does not matter.

Yet as we all yell/debate with each other over a great many things the silence from the beast is deafening.

The moment we drafted JaMarcus I knew deep in my heart he would not be a savior let alone part of the answer to our issues in Oakland. I did want to believe and openly I embraced him but the deep dark feeling of emptiness in my stomach knew it was not to be. I know I will get replies saying "off with your negative, unbelieving turncoat head! You are no true Raider fan!" I am though. Since the wee age of 11 I have been the only one I knew here in freezing cold Canada. I digress.

We must hold this bust of a player who shows no respect to the fans or the organization! First to leave last to come! Has any other person heard of such a Quarterback that is successful in the NFL? I say no!

You JaMarcus must be answerable to us as loyal fans that pay large sums of money to watch you play in the stadium, on TV and buy the merchandise of the organization whose uniform you so nonchalantly wear on Sundays!

Where is your desire to win JaMarcus? When will you show us this mighty arm that was the talk of the combines? When will you JaMarcus Russell answer the fans of the Silver and Black and show how you are worth $50 plus million dollars of which $33 million or so guaranteed. When will you show accountability and take responsibility for your play and not pass the buck? You show arrogance and defiance of a 3 year old, prove otherwise! Your entitled attitude with your prolonged hold out and skipping out on the season ending team meeting for personal reasons disgusts me and a great many more of Oakland Raider fans. Unless you had a family member that lives/lived in Vegas that was sick or died it is inexcusable for your absence!

How do you look in the mirror each morning knowing the felony you committed with the armed robbery and false impersonation you have pulled in Oakland?

What have you done to even show you have some loyalty? What have you done in the community to show you have roots or love for the people in the city for which you play?

Can you look in the mirror each sad day know you could be labeled (arguably) the largest first overall drafted bust of all time? In any sport too (arguably)!

Am I wrong? Is this a delusional rant of massive proportions that want some satisfaction and answers?

So I ask and would ask that all of us shout at the man we all want answers from and say speak and be accountable! Show JaMarcus what loyalty is! All of us need to ask from every direction for JaMarcus to speak and be accountable I say! I love our Oakland Raiders and we need a higher standard to hold our team to! From top to bottom it must happen, but it needs to start somewhere. In my humble opinion this is the right place.

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