crazy talk...

First I wanna say, yes i know this has been a topic of discussion but I just need to vent I guess, so I do apologize... Here are 10 decent yet fantasy filling ideas I would love see done in Oakland, yes some are way too farfetched and ridiculous, I know but I feel sometimes thats what some teams and fans wanna see and this is what I, A fan would like to see.Is it going to happen, no, is it serious, no, but is it wrong to dream,no I feel thats what keeps me going the thought of Oakland Raiders being the roughest toughest team in the NFL again, I guess Im just tired of being compared to the Lions, Browns,Bills and Jags, anyways just dont take below so Literally just me venting to other Oakland fans I do apologize if I offend anyone, feel free to comment and add your two cents itll be gladly appreciated...


1.Clear out Head, Defense,special teams and O line coaches.

2. Hire Jim Harbaugh or Bill Cowher to run this team( I like JH because Hue Jackson and him I think would mesh well)along with them filling in the holes.

3. Trade Richard Seymor and a 5th round pick for Vick and a later draft pick

4.Trade Michael Huff and a draft pick for LaRon Landry (simply would be a dream! Him and Branch would destroy wideouts and TE's over the middle! )although he or Branch would have to convert to FS.

5. I love Gradkowski his heart and motivation drives Oakland further and JC ever could but hes no starter period!So I wanna say trade JC for the highest draft pick we could get which would prolly be a 5th or 6th rounder .

6. Im all down to switch up our defense from a conservative and less effective 4-3 to a strong and mean 3-4 I think thatd close up our run problem and it'd let our line backers do what they do best!

7.Ok, now this is probably talking crazy but at this point Im feeling  desperate, trading asomuagh and Gallery for a 1st or 2nd round pick for the 2011 draft, crazy but also I think best. 

8. Release J.Henderson and Goethel, along with *coop and kelly ( *agreed with raiderfan21)

9. GET ANYTHING for Mario Henderson! ANYTHING!

10.last but not least get a strong leader at Center I love Valdheer but unless hes gonna stay there I dont see him taking on that Role put him and campbell at there Tackle positions and get a veteran Center thats gonna add some age depth on our O-line!


Thank You if you bothered to read this and I appreciate any convo starters, come on Raider fans lets dream big and go big huh? Commitment to Excellence, Silver and Black til we die!

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