The Not Quite Good, The Always Bad and the Usual Ugly

Woohoo we won! Despite almost having a heart attack I am here to discuss, curse and award our grunts in Silver and Black. Despite the win it was totally a roller coaster ride that if I didn't shave me head like Steve Austin I would certainly see lots of gray in it JUST FROM YESTERDAY. I know my beard has some. The true reality is a win no matter, the fact of the matter is we looked far from a well oiled machine yesterday EXCEPT on Special Teams and they have now redeemed themselves..................for the time being. So give them an ok for a grade on the season as a whole but they need far more consistency. Were not for the 9 points from special teams directly AND at least one or two pretty good returns to set up we all would be bitching lots today. So time for some reality checks. Just a few observations of what is obvious and needed.

Sloppy coverage in the defensive secondary. Routt, CJ and well the entire bunch save one (we know who that is) you have now been held responsible my sclerotic liver and stomach ulcer all in one day. I am not sure I have seen so many open receivers past 15 yards past the line of scrimmage in any Raider game I have watched in the past. 400 plus yards from Rivers says it all.

LB coverage underneath..................... was there any? I have stated this will be how teams will pick our secondary apart before the Texas game and we all know how that went down. Time for some situational player changes or at least some different looks. Try some real zone coverage on passing downs with a OLB or safety blitz. WTF is Wimbley doing covering Gates? Anyone? Bueller? Christ we all know that is not going to work, how about Mitchell or Huff or Branch or Spirals? I give some credit on holding down the run game for the most part but the price paid in the secondary made it almost for naught. We need to look at switching up personnel for situational conditions and calling defensive audibles which almost seem nonexistent.

O line you look like a herd of cattle that heard gun shots and scattered in every direction for the most part, however they got the job done on run blocking MOST of the time not everytime however but I will say good not great.

D line you all need a lesson on moving when the ball in snapped. TK you will get a conditional pass ONLY for this week and it shall be revoked depending on next weeks performance. Your fat head needs to wait to move until the ball is snapped although you did have an ok day stopping the run I still prefer Henderson over you. Seymour had a pretty damn good day and his penalty(s) will be forgiven as he was his usual performer. Good pressure from the outside on occasion from the crew. Needs to more blitzes just look at what that does (thank you Huff and crew for the safety blitzing). Marshall must have turned off the AD phone in the last 10 minutes of the game because we were bringing the house on occasion and that basically kept us from losing.

JC must have realized unless he stepped it up in the second half he was going to ride the pine for every NFL team he played for after this season. His first half performance blew. Really do me a favor and take some chances, our O line can't keep a 3 man rush at bay for more than 3 secs let alone the 6 you want to hold onto the ball for. Nice rollout and pass to Myers on the 4 and 1 but you gave me a heart attack with the play call Hue. Totally unexpected but good. Grad your toughness is admirable BUT at the cost to your body and QB skills. You couldn't play toss with a 2 year old now that your shoulder(s) it has been treated like silly putty and hammered like a railroad spike all at the same time. Get well soon and make smarter decisions running and try sliding.

Miller you are the main man for receiving and I will live with that. Our one WR gets a pass (Murphy) but the rest of you can try and get open more? Nice catches Murphy too bad your the only WR to make one today. Myers nice catch to keep the drive alive. Reece try keeping your body under a little control but coming out of the back field you are the choice without McBroken in the game. Bush can also catch although he is not the threat of McBroken the 2 we have without him work fine and get the job done.

Bush you did what I knew you could and I have faith you can continue if you chose. Don't suck out with being too tired or not in proper condition. I will continue to call for McBroken to be traded for viable player(s) and draft pick(s) in some sort of combination. There is a team out there where we can get good value for him and pawn off Schillens with him.

Now let the tomato throwing (or bottles for you rednecks) begin.

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