Wants, Needs, and the brutal reality of the double edged sword...

First, before I get started, I have been a RAIDER fan for over 25 years. I have seen the GOOD, the BAD, and the UGLY. Im not a guru by any means, but I hope that my opinion and thoughts might stimulate the Nation and we can all find some common ground. So on with the show!

It all has to start with Big Al. We as fans hate what he is doing to this team. I respect Al and all he has done for the NFL, without him, the NFL would not be what it is today! BUT.....Its new times, and a different animal and tomorrow. I feel that for us to ever have any success, playoffs, superbowl, etc., the man needs to hire the PROPER PERSONEL AND LET THEM DO THEIR JOBS. But will he?

Here are my thoughts on many possible things that would improve us overnight.....


WANT/NEED-Jon Gruden. The man has proven himself time and time and time again, and I believe he has the RAIDER heart and soul. HE has the RAIDER intensity and can get the job done. The players of the ENTIRE NFL respect him as well...There are links from ESPN that he AND Bruce Allen would come back. I feel that if Gruden could have the power to pick his staff as well, we would be in great shape, although I am not against Cable being OL Coach. The main reason for this is because the players like and respect him. They work hard for him.....

REALITY-No good coach will come here as long as their hands are tied....Big Al would have to be humble for once and also loosen his grip on control.....hence, back to Big Al......



WANT/NEED-QB Michael Vick. This man came into the NFL a star, and in the blink of an eye, lost it all. Now he has a second chance. He is not playing for a paycheck, hes playing to prove and redeem be the best, and that makes him hungry, and dangerous! Since he came back he has had a QB rating of 93.8 and 108.8, and is also another RB threat when he scrambles. Can you say "Smells Blood"? How long this mindset with him lasts, who knows, but he would be an instant upgrade. He is a player that has PROVEN himself, and our guys would respect him. I would keep BRUUUUUCE for the same reasons, the players trust him, hes PROVEN himself, and WILL PLAY FOR HIM. As for a third, im not too sure considering we have never seen Boller throw down in a Regular game with us. 

REALITY-Big Al has his mouth to back up with JC. If Vick keeps playing the game he has this year, its possible Eagles will offer big money and ditch their number one for him. So just a hunch, but Vick will probably cost the bank for any team if he has a great year. So back to his mindset....big contract=big head,and possible "he that will not be named" performance???? 



WANT/NEED-ANYONE?!?!?!?!?! Lets face it, our OL needs to go play highschool ball. Yes we have a couple prospects, but.....oh im not even going to go down that road......Lets just say lets get a good VETERAN or two! Maybe John Ogden or Faneca? This is an area that anyone would probably be better than what we have. But a good veteran would help our core and younger personel a ton! Oh and either ditch Gallery, or pay him what hes worth!!!!!!!! Can we say a few hundred bones? I wish there were a commission contract....make guys earn their bones!!!!!!!!

REALITY-Big Al....OL doesnt run low 4's so ummmmm yeah......We have no high draft picks, either gotta trade good players or $$$$$$$ FA......



WANT/NEED-Steve Smith. Here again, we need a Tim Brown, a Willie Gualt, a VETERAN to help our young guys out, be a mentor and a distraction to the D on the field. To all you T.O. people, we need a player, not a distraction. Why not just get Moss back if thats the road you feel we should take......please.....We need players that will play because they love the game, and be mentors, not players that are nothing but a distraction and cry babies. EG: Nnamdi never says a word and he is the best there is right now, thats the caliber of players we need.....the proof is in the hard work and the play, not the bling and the mouth.

REALITY-Big Al and a late WR pic that runs low 4's but cant catch.......BIG CONTRACT to get him to come..... not impossible but would have to ditch someone on the WR core and more for sure.




WANT/NEED-DB Antonio Cromartie. The man has earned and shown his salt. We need another shutdown guy in the secondary. As for Huff, Route, Mitchell, etc., im still at a loss. I feel Huff has had enough time to prove, but just when Im screaming TRADE, he has a game that we as fans consider exceptional......ideas?

REALITY-Big Al drafting late for a low 4's that cant cover or catch. Would probably have to pay more than he is worth.



WANT/NEED-FANS. For a long time I have been a silent observer of SBP, and I hate to say it but we as fans are as disfunctional as our team. We expect them to go out and win win win win.....when they dont we bitch bitch bitch.... but think about it.....these guys give their heart and soul no matter how good they are, but when they look up the stands are empty. This is the biggest double edged sword of all. We expect them to be winners before we will go to support them, but at the same time they need us there, THE GREATEST AND MOST DIE HARD FANS IN THE NFL GOING CRAZY AND FEEDING OFF OF OUR ENERGY getting that EDGE! Im sorry people but it all starts and ends with us the FANS! Think of it like this.....a major rock band plays a show and there are only 10 people that show up out of 65,000 tickets....the band plays but all is pretty uneventful. Now you have that 65,000 show up and not only is the band pumped and energized, but so are the fans and both feed off each other to make a great show! We need to support our team! If we dont we cant blame them for only playing for a paycheck! We need to be there so they play with heart!!! Have a reason to play whole heartedly!!!!!!! Its time we make our team play to our expectations....if we show our devotion, so will they.....we are and forever will be a big part of our teams please, lets do our part, Ill fly out like I have always done from utah for every home game. I bleed Silver and Black, and always will!

In closing, I could have made this a BIBLE length ordeal with all the whys and whos, and stats and blah blah blah....we all know our players and what they have done. I kept the list to the FA's I know about, not fantasy, but I work alot, so maybe some of the players I have mentioned are not going to be available in FA next year as well. I would love to see the NATIONS ideas on what would help our team, and I also welcome any criticism to anything i have old, but not old enough to not learn! Thank you  my second family! Silver and Black for life!

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