A look back, and forward

I need a better thesaurus.

How many ways to describe the 59-14 bloodletting of the hee-haws? Bloodbath, annihilation, TFD, whooping, good old fashioned ass kicking, etc., etc. I had a feeling it was gonna be brutal when the game came on the TV and the Raiders were up 7-0, and the first play shown (thanks, CBS sports) was CJ running back a pick 6. Now this, I thought to myself, is Raider football. Kyle Orton looked like he was just informed Tim Tebow was there to take his place. Brian Dawkins wished he would have stayed in Philly, anywhere but Denver. Tommy Kelly got a friggin sack, that's how bad we beat them. Son of Ja actually looked decent warming Bruce's seat.

Funniest moment of the game? Tom Cable stumblin', bumblin, run (?) down the sideline to throw the challenge flag. I fell out of my chair laughing at that one. That's how one sided the game was. TC ran more than Denver.

Sure, we all had a little scare when the mules (they were pretty sterile) scored at the end of the half. I began having nauseating thoughts about a complete letdown that would have cost us the game. It was fortunately alleviated after more scores. Cable, having been able to catch his breath from "The Run," must have given a good halftime speech.

Big props to Run-DMC, who truly broke out in this game. Marcel Reece, who had a hell of a game. Aw, screw it. Game balls all around!!

Now, to sober up just a bit, the former AFC west rival Seattle Seamen, er, Seahawks. Being a NW guy myself, I'm usually forced to watch these guys play.

Threats? Ex-Raider/Trojan Mike Williams, who has emerged as their top WR (and you thought we had issues). He has finally begun to earn that top pick status he had when Matt Millen picked him for the Lions. Marshawn Lynch and Justin Forsett have reformed the Cal backfield in Seattle. Lynch seems to be more of a between the hashes guy, while Forsett is the outside guy. This is our Achilles heel, defending the run. We didn't have to deal with it in Denver due to the fact that Knowshit Morono is one of the worst RBs in the NFL and McDouche is a horrendous coach. We do have to deal with the run here. Matt Hasselbeck is one of my fave QBs because he plays with heart and determination. When he's protected, he can be a top-tier QB. When he's not, he plays hard but can be forced into errors. Think poor man's Favre, though Favre's playing like a poor version of himself lately.

Defensively they still have Lofa Tatupu and Marcus Trufant. Outside of that, I don't really know much. I can't remember if they still have David Hawthorne, who is actually a damn good LB.

The true test of whether we've turned a corner will come this game. It's one thing to utterly and completely destroy a team that wasn't that good to begin with. It's another thing to follow that up with a victory over a team that is tough but beatable. This Raider team is still folowing the simple blueprint to victory in the AFC West: Win out the conference (2-0 so far), plus 3.

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