Well, slap my face and call me Randy

At least we're fighting.

What, you want another "Woe is me" post? Go be a Choker fan, where disappointment is a prerequisite to fandom. I need to look at positives after a heartbreaking loss. Vent on Monday, prep on Tuesday. It keeps me somewhat sane and regular. I'll be annoyingly mad after a victory.

Speaking of heartbreaking losers, it's Choker week!

Let's put the Texans game where the Colts will put them at the end of the season, in the rear view, and focus on the Chokers. This is a must win game. And I don't mean we should win this game. We need this game more than Philip Rivers needs Kleenex. We have the same amount of divisional wins as these guys, and they've played a divisional game. I'm hoping that someone on the coaching staff *cough* Hue Jackson *cough* has something up his sleeve for this game.

John Marshall has assumed his rightful place on the chopping block as the guy who I hold solely responsible for our defense not being, well, a defense. The only RB we held down was the declining Steven Jackson. Outside of Routt performing above expectations (when your expectations are low, you can usually only go up) and Nnamdi being his usual AwesomeOne self, our secondary play has regressed. Our front four seems to need John Henderson way more than anyone thought we would. Linebackers seem to be disorientated at times, which I attribute to McClain's inexperience (he will get more experience, no need to proclaim him a bust now) and Marshall's crappy coaching.

*SIDE NOTE: To all those wishing death upon Al Davis, please **** yourself. Criticize him all you want, but have some decency. We now return to our regularly scheduled post.

Offensively speaking, we need O-line help still. I've decided, after much thought, we need to trade Michael Bush to get that line help. As much as I heart Bush (the RB, not the president) we need someone to keep Bruce upright. With Loper emerging as a viable guard (bye Cooper, don't let the door hit ya where the good lord split ya) the most pressing need is LT. Gaither is an option, but Bush wouldn't be viable as a trade option here, given the Rice/Mcgahee combo already in place. The Skins need a RB but their line is as bad as ours. Same with the Packers, though I wonder if Clifton might need a change of scenery. As always, I'm open to ideas.

The guys on the SteroidChokers that we need to destroy are Riversoftears, Antonio Gates, pickareceiver and some guy named Tolbert? No need to fear Vincent "gimmethedamncheck" Jackson as he's suspended/sitting out. I haven't heard about McNeill, but I think he's active the week following. The key this week is eliminating Tolbert from their gameplan. Why? Because our run D is the key to the whole game, and our tendency is to give up 100 yards to backup RBs. Why do you think Jamaal Charles is starting? Why do you think Jerome Harrison got the starting nod in week 1 for Cleveland? Because each of them had big days against us last year.

Other thoughts?

DHB and Murphy: Please catch the damn ball. I'm not asking for much. Bruce, keep on keeping us in the game but do try to win. Especially this week. Mario, WAKE UP. Now would be a good time. TK, if you wish to be in our good graces, please play this week. I mean, actually play like a niner made you mad.

A victory here, and the 800lb monkey is off our back. Lose, and heads will roll. Up to the team to get this one right.

This IS our season.

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