Recap Texans. Preview Chargers. Suggestions and Opinons.


When is somebody gonna make a play on defense? A sack, big hit in the back field, a god dang INT for god sake. Our defense got beat in every way possible. It's not one persons fault but McClain and Seymour are the leaders so blame goes towards them. Schaub gets killed on sundays but he does a few bootlegs and our pass rush is no where to be found. Someone please tell me why we have all 3-4 backers starting and we barely blitz. That's on the coaches 100%. We need to change those billboardes from "hire a GM" to "send a damn blitz". Pardon my french on that one but come on. Get kelly out of there Bryant and Henderson should take his spot. I'm not sure if 3-4 is the answer because that would ruin my dream of getting big Al. Huff is a free safety and shouldn't be seen on every run play although he needs to make that tackle. Branch just seems lost in coverage at times but his run D would be missed way to much. Best thing on D I saw is Mitchell getting time a LB. Thank you Cable you will be missed. SIKE who's gonna have the balls to fire him.

Offensive Line. Holy testicle tuesday. Mario couldn't block a stalker on facebook. You know if we get crushed next week hopefully Hue is named head coach and we start the young players for the rest of the season. Our line is so out of whack that my bet is Veldheer and B. Campbell(will be starting soon) will be the only starters returning for the 11 season. If there is an 11 season. Thankyou fat rich owners and fat rich players. I love Gradkowski's heart but if he's our franchise QB he can't be getting killed on broken plays. DMAC is monster and once again I told you so more then half the nation wanted to trade him and was all about the Bush administraition. HA LIRIOUS. Did our recievers not show up at all? The only reason Higgins was at the game because I mean who else would gain close to nothing on our punt returns. Bey is holding us back as well. At least he plays though anybody hear about our reciever coming back soon because I didn't. Maybe AZ would be interested in Jason Campbell. Det, Buf, and Clev should all be calling,


What defense shows up will decide the game. If we can stop the run like we did against jackson, stop gates like we stopped Fitzgerald and hit Rivers like we hit Bradford we can win. Bush will want to be the starter again and now is his chance. I personally like McFadden more because to me it looks like he wants the ball more then anyone. We should be able to pass all over them but then again we should of been able to pass all over Houston but that didn't work out. I'd like to see Campbell soup get the start at RG or RT. His speed and power might be able to stop their pass rush.

Suggestions and Opinons.

Champ Bailey isn't getting a new contract. Wouldn't the Broncos want to get something out of him before they cut him? I mean we should be on the phone with McDaniels asking if he wants to make another stupid trade before he gets fired.

Trade Campbell for whatever we can get.

We should make an offer for Alsworth in D.C I mean they are leading the divison what do they need him for?

Kelly and Mario Henderson need to be traded. ASAP.

Depending on how Grad finishes off the season do we make a move for vick next year?

Should we send someone to visit Plex in prison? Is Plex still in prison?

Well I got one more "I told you so" for the nation. Did anyone see how could T.O did last week? I was a giant T.O to Oakland supporter and a little more then half completely diss agreed. Everyone is entitled to their own opinons but this time like many mine was right. POW POW.

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