Matt Cassel Sacked 8 Times in 7 Games Then He Played The Raiders.

Our pass rush is gonna win it for us. We have been blitzing more this year and it's helping. With CJ and Aso hert the line has got to anchor the team.

The chiefs love the screens absolutely love them. We gotta shutem down.

Sons Called it with Shaughnessy. My vote was on Scott to become our big time pass rusher but Mathew is clearly our best pass rushing DE.

Kelly and Seymour looking like probowlers. I have already voted for both of them. They are like the two highest paid in the league. POW POW.

The only thing on D i don't like is Groves starting over Howard. Groves is bad in coverage and it looks like we never blitz him so why is he there?

Now this Aso injury sucks but it will give a younger player playing time. If huff plays corner who do we put at safety? Move Branch and put Mitchell at Strong? Stevie Brown? Keep the safeties and start McFadden at corner? This will be interesting.

Veldheer was sent to us from the heavens. Those offsides are rookie mistakes. I wish I had an excuse for Gallery but I don't. I really don't like the right side of our line though. Has anyone noticed Bruce Campbell getting any playing time?

QB. Campbell or Grad? I think the answer is simple and I know a lot of people are gonna disagree but Bruce Gradkowski is the Quarterback of this team. No ands, Ifs, or buts. If he can't go I am proud to call Jason Campbell our backup QB.

HB. D-Mac is the man. PERIOD.

FB. I think with Reece we have something no one else has. A playmaker for a FB.

WR. H-Bey good game but still has work to do. Our number 1 was seen walking to the team's nurses room. He basically lives there. Murphy has gotta be back this week. Really wanna see more of Miller and Ford.

The Chiefs.

I think it's gonna come down to our D vs. their run game. Our Offense will put up points.

We will get to Cassel. That's the one thing im sure of.

I was scared maybe Davis would try to deal Aso but I don't think he can if he's injured.

Please nobody make comments on Moss. If Pats and Vikes don't want him we don't want him. Yes that's right im putting us in the same spot they are in.


AND we aren't stopping there. Write this down. S.U.P.E.R.B.O.W.L. Our next two games will decide it. We beat the chiefs playoffs, We beat the chiefs and steelers superbowl. JK guys i'm not gonna be the one to jinks us.


Oak 27 KC 17


Anybody see my boy Troy Smith wreck DEN in England? If only we had someone who has taught or coached him before. Somone who has be there for him since his rookie year. OH we do Hue Jackson. You can't tell me he didn't want him. He wanted Boller for godsake. POW POW.

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