Another Quarterback Debate.

Jason Campbell.

What I like: I like his work ethic. He knows the offense very well for just being in it for a couple months. His attitude. He's been calm and really just sits back and watches how this whole "QB controversy" play out. His 4th quarter play. Somehow he usually makes a big play in the 4th. His throw power. He can throw the ball and spread the D. His 3 game win streak. Now many can argue that this has little to do with him.

What I don't like: His vision and lack off finding the open man. He stares at one guy the whole way down the field. His decision making. Some of his throws are questionable. Like the Ford catch that put us in field goal range to tie. Triple coverage and he threw an INT Ford just saved it. Sometimes it looks like he isn't on the same page with Murphy and Heyward Bey. Bey could of had a big 4th quarter if Jason could of got the ball to him. When the run game gets shutdown so does Campbell. SEA and DEN were Campbell's best games but it's kind of easy to have good games when your D shuts down the offense all game and our backs are destroying.

Stats: 97/171. 1252 YDS. Complete%56.7. 7TD/5INTS. Sacked 19/lost115YDS

4-2 As the Raider starter. Impressive wins: SD, DEN, and SEA. Bad Game: Giving SF their 1st win. Throwing 8/21  *83 yards with 2 INTS.

Bruce Gradkowski

What I Like: I like His work ethic. When we got this guy he was a cut Brown who was our 3rd QB to being a starter in the National Football League with a team that could win their division. I think he knows the offense more then the head coach. His heart. He plays with it every snap. Getting paid nothing like the other QBs in the NFL especially former Raider ones he will still risk his body for a 1st down. He gives us chances. Everytime he plays and we lose it was a close game never a blowout or a bad game. Overall he's just a great guy, Did anyone see that post a while back with the kid that is sick?

What I Don't Like: He's fearless. He cashes checks his mind can pay but his body can't. His injuries: Knee, Pectoral, and now shoulder. If he could stay healthy there's a chance Campbell wouldn't be on this team or at least the starter. Sometimes he doesn't hold onto the ball long enough when he has time he should take advantage of if it wait for guys to get open and not force it.

Stats: 53/101 709 yards. comp% 53. 4TD/4INTS. Sacked 7 lost 57 yard.

2/1 last year 1/2 this year with two close losses to HOU and AZ.

Things To Add: Jason has won the game against 4 very different defenses. On 2 different occasions Jason has struggled and Bruce has came in and done very well. Hue Jackson was the one who came to Cable and suggested a change at the Quarterback spot. If Schilens is back against PIT him and Gradkowski had a flow going last year. Most espn and NFL network people are still saying Chargers are going to the playoffs.

"Just cut it loose"

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