All hope is NOT lost; We still have 2 games we can Win.

After the loss today, there were a couple of things that I saw that should not have happened.

1) The Ball was forced too many times.

2) The Ball was underthrown too many times

3) Our run Game got Annihilated.

And the defense got leaky after all of the pounding; but I expected that, especially after we did not get the 7 when we needed 3.

So right now, we are 5-6, and the Chargers are 6-5. And we'll be playing them in San Diego; which is why I will take our chances.


Right now, the problems we have are evident; if we cannot run the ball, we will lose.  However, I saw a shining light with this problem.  The screen game worked well, and I believe that the screen is the key to continue to get the "running yards" that we need.  If teams want to go and pursue the run against us, use the screen 10-15 times a game.  Make them pursue the screen.  Then, the holes in the middle open up.

But what about our WRs? Stop throwing to them...deep that is.  Ford is our #1 - YES, Our #1 receiver.  So he should start. Have Murphy as the possession receiver.  Have him run routes that gets us the first downs, such as slants, drags, ins, comebacks, etc.  Get Zack Miller open - If he can't play, get Myers open.  USE THE TE.

Now, as much as I have watched Jason, I will say this: He does overthrow receivers. And, If you are going to miss a receiver, Overthrowing is much better.  Bruce proved that today with the underthrown interceptions.

The next thing I will say is BRING BACK THE 6 OL. We have to use Campbell now, especially since Grad is injured. And now, we have to protect - WITH OUR LIVES. 

What we need to do in the Chargers game is THROW THE BALL EARLY.  Like the Dolphins game, The Chargers will expect the run.  So we need to playaction a whole lot.  Let the pass set up the run.  Will we need Jason to play out of his ass? YES. But it comes down to this.  I know one thing: They will be very happy, and take us LIGHTLY. 

Peyton Manning threw 3 INTs (not counting the 4th in the last quarter under 2:00).  All of them were plays inside of 15 yards.  These plays should be opened up, because I expect they will play for the run early.  So the passes in the middle UNDERNEATH the safeties should be open.  The Screen game should also work. 

One thing that should also work is the DEEP SLOT ROUTES. They know we can fly.  Their corners can as well.  So, we let Higgins or Ford FLY for the deep inside post routes from the Slot position, and take advantage of the Cover 2 Crease.  This HAS to be done from the Shotgun, or the 3 step drop. 

What we shouldn't do is throw from the I-Form sets with 2 WRs on the same side.  They are great in coverage, and picks will be generated that way. 

The Quick Slants can work as well.  if we can get inside, and throw on the side they are blitzing on, the WR should be open. 

Then, when the start playing back, set up the draw.  Let BUSH run the draw; pound up the middle. 

The Twin TE sets with Barnes as a TE are also acceptable, use Miller or Myers as a bailout.

For the defense:

Phillip Rivers will Troll Down the Field.  Answer: Cover 3, with Huff DEEP (20 yards) and a SPY on Sproles or whoever the HB is (McClain). Make them run the ball on us.  Because I know one thing: SD's rushing is NOT Miami's. 

The Blitz did not work because 1) The WRs caught the ball, and 2) We did not get there fast enough.  So, sending 5-6 guys I agree on - NOT 8-9.  GEEZ.

Nnamdi is not a full health.  So, we have to work the Zone, and keep Routt on ONE RECEIVER.  Put him on Naanee.  Let Nnamdi handle Floyd; ALL HE DOES IS GO DEEP.  If McClain is spying Sproles, PUT MITCHELL ON GATES AGAIN.

Being that they won, and we lost 2, I think they will sleep on us. We3 can still go .500 AGAIN.  We just need to Execute.

At least there is no QB Controversy again.

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