Fellow Denizens of The Nation ... We Need a Miracle!!!


I know some of you guys are going to hate me for doing this, but allow me to apologize in advance ... I was bored and decided to compile the stats on our visits to Qualcomm over the past 7 years, which is how long it's been since we won a game there. 

I mean, I want us to win this game SO BADLY, and turn this miserable streak of play at their house around.  But friends, this history ... it is just not pretty.

Read on past the jump, if you don't mind pondering the full brunt of the depressing history we need to turn the tide on here on Sunday.  If you do mind, DO NOT READ ON!!!

A few pertinent stats ... regarding the past 28 quarters of ball at Qualcomm:

Chargers: 7 - 0 - 0
Raiders: 0 - 7 - 0
Overall Point Differential 204 - 89, Average Score = 29 - 12

  • Raiders have not scored over 16 points in any game during this span, Chargers have not scored less than 21.
  • Raiders have scored a total of 7 offensive TD's (4 rush, 3 pass) in these 7 meetings, with one (by pass) of these 7 happening when already down 42-7. Thus, the Raiders have only 2 meaningful TD passes in these 7 games.
  • In five of the seven games, the Raiders were held to 0 or 1 offensive TD.
  • The only game in which Raiders have >1 offensive TD (that wasn't in garbage time) was in 2006, when they managed two in the same game.
  • Raiders have held a lead only one time, by 1 TD, a lead they held for less than 1 quarter (also in 2006)
  • Raiders have outgained the Bolts in total yardage only 1 time in the seven games (2005, in a 34-10 loss).
  • Raiders outpassed the Bolts in terms of yardage 3 times out of 7, occurring in 2005, 2006, 2007.
  • Raiders have never outrushed the Bolts.
  • Raiders have rushed for > 100 yards only once, back in 2003.
  • Bolts have never once failed to rush for > 100 yards.
  • Bolts Rushing: 245 carries for 1142 yards (163 ypg, 4.66 yards/carry)
  • Raiders Rushing: 153 carries for 523 yards (74 ypg, 3.41 yards/carry)
  • Turnovers: Raiders = 16, Chargers = 6
  • Raiders have won or tied the turnover differential only once, in 2009, when it was 1 vs. 2 in their favor.
  • Raiders have turned it over more than once in 5 of 7 games, Chargers have done this only 1 time.
  • Raiders have turned it over 3 or 4 times in 3 of 7 games, Chargers have never done so.
  • Raiders have never failed to commit a turnover, Chargers have accomplished this twice.


  • Raiders have been outsacked 27 to 9, with three of those 9 sacks happening in 2003, and 3 happening in 2005.
  • Raiders have sacked Charger QB only 2 times TOTAL in the past 4 meetings at Qualcomm, and have been on the receiving end of 18 sacks during this time.
  • Raiders have never outsacked the Chargers in any game but have tied twice, in 2004 and 2005.

Here's the Game Synopses:

LOSS (24-16)

Bolts were 4-3 at the time, so it was right when they started their ass-kicking phase of last season.  They almost doubled our yardage, and we only scored 1 offensive TD vs. their 3.  Relatively-speaking, this was a pretty good game for us there.

Turnovers: Raiders = 1, Chargers = 2
Raiders offensive TD's: 1
Raiders outsacked 5 vs. 1
Raiders Rushing: 27 attempts for 99 yards, 1TD
Bolts Rushing: 30 attempts for 100 yards, 2TD

LOSS (34-7)

Bolts came into game having lost  5 of their previous 6 games, and destroyed us.  We turned it over 4 times, and failed to score on offense, only a kickoff return for a TD.  At the time that happened, SD was up 27 - 0 in the first half.  They more than doubled our yardage, and doubled our first downs.

Turnovers: Raiders = 4, Chargers = 1
Raiders offensive TD's: 0
Raiders outsacked 3 vs. 0
Raiders Rushing: 16 attempts for 54 yards, 0TD
Bolts Rushing: 46 attempts for 158 yards, 1TD

LOSS (28-14)

Chargers had 4 rushing TDs (all by LT).  Raiders killed by sacks, turnovers, and no running game.

Turnovers: Raiders = 3, Chargers =1

Raider Offensive TD's: 1
Raiders sacked 5 times vs 0 sacks
Raiders Rushing: 24 attempts for 43 yards, 0TD
Bolts Rushing: 32 attempts for 206 yards, 4TD

LOSS (21-14)

This game marks the ONLY time we actually held the lead at any point against the Chargers at Qualcomm.  We were up by one touchdown in the 3rd quarter before the Bolts scored 14 unanswered to get the win.

Turnovers: Raiders = 2, Chargers = 1

Raiders Offensive TD's: 2
Raiders sacked 5 times vs 1 sack.
Raiders Rushing: 26 attempts for 84 yards, 1TD
Bolts Rushing: 25 attempts for 110 yards, 2TD

LOSS (34-10)
We played them tight for a quarter and a half, then they exploded with 24 unanswered points.  Technically the stats were pretty close, in fact this marks the ONLY game that we out-gained the Bolts at Qualcomm.  But we turned it over twice to their 0 TO's.

Turnovers: Raiders = 2, Chargers = 0

Raiders Offensive TD's: 1
Sacks: Three for each team.
Raiders Rushing: 17 for 81 yards, 0TD
Bolts Rushing: 37 for 130 yards, 1TD

LOSS (42-14)
Complete domination by the Bolts, obviously.  Score was 14-7 Chargers at one point, after which they reeled off 28 unanswered points, 2nd Raider touchdown was last score of game.

Turnovers: Raiders = 3, Chargers =1

Sacks: 1 for each team
Raiders Offensive TD's: 2 (one in garbage time)
Raiders Rushing: 11 for 21 yards, 1TD
Bolts Rushing: 38 for 175 yards, 1TD

LOSS (21-14)
Both Raider touchdowns happened on returns, and the dynamic QB duo of Rick Mirer and Tee Martin had only 6 completions for 35 yards and 1 INT.   Bolts had 20 first downs to our 9, and well over double our total yardage. This game marks the ONLY TIME that the Raiders rushed for > 100 yards at Qualcomm, and 37 was from QB scrambling.

Turnovers: Raiders = 1, Chargers = 0

Raiders Offensive TD's: 0
Raiders Sacked 5 times vs 3 sacks
Raiders Rushing: 32 carries for 141 yards, 0TD
Bolts Rushing: 37 carries for 263 yards, 2TD

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