Apologize. Four Fruckings on one drive and why the NFL needs to change the challange rules.

 I  want an apology form the NFL for attempting to steal the game from the Raiders.They didn't succeed, but I am still butt-hurt over the attempt. Call it a type of  attempted battery if you will.

I also want them to seriously consider changing the challenge rules.


The Chiefs first TD drive was an epic example of how bad ref calls change games. Something needs to be done.  I have some possible solutions.



On the Cheifs first TD drive:


1.a probable, bad pass interference penalty for them to even get around the red zone.  We had some questionable ones called against the Chiefs later in the game and nothing can be done about them. this was the least offensive thing the refs did this drive.  I didn't like it, but Chiefs fans could probably tell you why it was  a good call with a strait face.

2. we have to waste our first challenge on a bogus TD when he was down and did not score a TD. Refs screwed up, we paid for it by using one challenge.

3. we correctly challenge the passing TD, where both his knee and foot are out of bounds, and not only do the refs still call it a TD, it means we can't get another challenge for the inevitable screw job they have in store for us.

I can not see, in any way, how with both his knee going out of bounds and his second foot going out of bounds how anyone could call it a TD. especially with the BS non TD call that Foster caught today and Calvin Johnson had in the beginning of the season.  There is no way Chief fans can say this was a good call with a strait face.

4. the refs screw us and call a fumble, we cant challenge because they already screwed us twice the last TD. Think about it, because they screwed us twice, they get to do it again, therefore adding the fourth screw job from the same drive. refs screw up, they then screw it up again and still award a TD and using our last challange.

the refs do four fruckings in one drive. I say  Fruck the Frucking Fruckers.


I propose one of three new challenge rules: currently a team gets two challenges. If they are right on both they get a third challenge.

1.  Unlimited Booth review on TD's and Turnovers

they may need to change the challenge rules so that turnovers and TD's have unlimited  booth review. lets get these types of  calls right every time possible. I can watch 10 more minutes of a football game if they get it right. turnovers or TD''s only.  Teams would still have to use there challenges when the booth ref isnt looking or too slow to stop play which still happens too often. No more hurry up and get the next play off so the bad call stands. 

2.  Add two minor challenges for non-Td and turnover plays.

If you don't like every TD or turnover subject to booth review because of time/game strategy considerations,

Still have two Major challenges be possible on TD's and Turnovers by each team, with a third if you get them right.

in addition, two minor challenges to be used for anything else and not subject to the major challenge.. Four reviews possible but two of them are minor challenges.  You use up your minor challenges on first down plays etc, to bad, but not so bad that you can't still get crucial calls later in the game right.  

(remember it would only be reviewed if it was possible it was a bad call, so most TD's would not be reviewed but a lot of fumbling/sack  turnovers probably would).  This new rule is probably the most confusing and hardest to think out, but in theory it would make sure that more important plays (Td's and TO's) get reviewed.  


3. successful challenges gain another challenge no matter when

same rule  as now, two challenges but if you are successful on a challenge, first or second, you get another (third) one. In addition, If you are still successful on your third, you get a fourth and so on.

in theory, this would make them unlimited. your right on the first or second challenge, you get a third. Your right on the third, you get a fourth, etc, etc.

Dose not matter if its the first one or the second one, the refs screwed it  up, why should the team be penalized a challenge for being right? if your right and the refs are wrong, you should get to challenge and challenge and challenge some more. Now even when your coach thinks your right, the announcers think your right,  you think your right, the replay ref seems to get it wrong or not indisputable about 1/4 of the time.  So there still will be bad calls, just not as many.  


Now these new rules would have not helped us on the first TD, the refs were going to make sure KC scored a TD but it would have allowed the raiders or the booth to make sure the fumble was called correctly.

Does anyone knows what channel and day Mike Pererra? the NFL head ref goes over bad calls? Yes the Raiders won. I am so, so happy about that. I just don't like the feeling that our team is so marked for bad calls. Just because I'm admit-tingly paranoid does not mean they are not out to get them.

I so don't miss the days of the refs getting things wrong and having no recourse at all before they had replay and I doubt ill will miss it if they give teams or refs more tools to get it right. .  I want more accountability. More fairness. More challenges.  This rule would probably help the Raiders, out of all teams, the most for obvious reasons, but it is still time for a change.

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