A Crushing Loss, but all is not Lost.

SO … that was a pretty crushing loss yesterday.  So many shoulda, woulda, coulda’s.  If fucking Routt makes the tackle on Jennings behind the line instead of getting punk’d, and thus the dude doesn’t go for that TD … coulda been a totally different outcome. 

If Cable doesn’t waste two timeouts, one on the stupid challenge, and one on the 4th down when boller was in (and we’d just kicked a 47yd FG like we shoulda), that last drive we mighta been able to put it in the endzone for the friggin win instead of running out of time. 

If we just don’t give up a KILLER friggin kickoff return at the WORST possible time … might’ve won it in OT.

Truly a game of inches … but at this point in the season, we didn’t have inches to give.  That lame loss at Arizona still hangs over our collective head.  Had we just won that one, we'd be in control of our destiny as we speak.

But as I’m sure you know, we ain’t out of it.  As long as we win our next two (totally possible if you ask me … Donks suck, and I think the Colts are beatable right now, esp. at O-town), and Chefs drop one to either the Rams or the Titans (again, also possible), then that game at Arrowhead is automatically gonna be huge. 

It’d be REALLY huge if SD has also already lost one by then, but that’s not entirely critical for it to be a huge game, because the KC game will be at 10am and the SD/Denver game will be after that.  The division could hang in the balance in both these games, and that would be THE most exciting day in the past 7 years, no doubt.  In the scenario where we all we need is the Dolts to lose and we're in, I think the Donks would be totally geeked up to beat the Dolts and keep them out. That'd be pretty funny if they did us that favor after last season, no?

So ... despite our crushing loss, the possibility of being back in charge of our destiny (amazingly) still exists by the end of this Sunday.   49er’s will be playing at SD on Thursday for their playoff lives (and possibly their coaches job).  I give them little chance, but it *could* happen that they win.  Chiefs are a slightly better chance of losing, traveling to the (first place … haha) Rams, and who knows, maybe Cassel won’t be able to go again. 

The other teams we may have to rely on the following week … Titans and Bungles … not great teams, but it’s not like they’re the Panthers.  They’re not without weapons, that’s for sure.  And the Bengals kept the Pittsburgh offense out of the endzone yesterday at their own house, which was impressive even though they lost.  I have more faith in the 49er’s and Rams, since they’re both playing for their divisions, but … you never know …  This is the NFL.

In any case, let us just pray/hope that our depression from today is replaced by elation next Sunday after a big home win, and two div rival losses, and a return to being in charge of our destiny.

For the first time in 7 years, I feel like there’s at least SOME chance that this team might step up and get it done, and win out.  All three teams we face are more beatable than J-Ville if you ask me. 

In closing, I think we stepped up yesterday, even though we couldn’t quite pull it out, we played tough against a good, playoff-bound team, at their house, on the East Coast.  We played well enough to win, IMHO.  This is a different Raiders team, there’s no doubt about it.  The offense in particular is night and day better than any we’ve had in the past 7 years.  Keep the faith Nation.  I know I will!

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