Comparing the Raider's offense over the last three years


 Ranks vr the other teams in the NFL. I found these on

                                             2008            2009             2010

Total Offense yards             29th               31st             14th                 Big improvement

Total points                          29th               31st              10th                     Huge improvement

Passing Yards                     32nd             29th            24th                      small improvement

Rushing Yards                     10th             21st             3rd                  Big improvement

Sacks given up                                          30th           27th                       still a big problem

QB hits                                                      28th            16th                       big improvement

Avg Kick return yards        17th                32nd          21st                       improvement

Avg Punt return yards          2nd                29th            28th                    problem

Turn over differential          15th                30th            18th                    improvement but I'm not

                                                                                                               sure the defensive contribution yet 


Conclusion: our offense was historically putrid last year. JRus was a big part of it but we were bad all over.

08' was bad but at least we had some bright spots like Rushing yards/g, Return yards and an average TO differential. Total yards and points still sucked big time.

This year we have made monster strides, Points per game being the most important and rushing yards/g being our biggest strength. Our offensive line still gives up a bunch of sacks but at least the Qb isn't being hit near as much. Our return game is weak but we improved in 7 of the 9 O category's, some significantly.

 This team is 5 times more watchable than last year. We are on pace to score almost as many points this year (400ish) than the last two years combined (263+197=460) and easily the most since 2002 (460). 2006 was also a big fat zombie donkey dung as they scored only 168 points. More on zombie donkey dung.

Having a cakewalk schedule (12 games in the AFC and NFC west- doesn't get any easier than that) helps, but Hue Jackson might need a big raise to keep another team from swiping him after this years massive improvement on the last few years. More on Jackson's background and signing Here.  This year's standing's here. The AFC and NFC west have a combined 46-60 record.

Whoever was most responsible for having a great draft needs an extension also.  I know the Raider's keep this kind of thing close to the vest but does anyone know or heard any rumors as to who this draft guru is? I think Al got the 4th round pick but the rest of it is a mystery and until I hear otherwise I'm not giving Al much credit. Lots of info about Al Davis here from wikipedia.

this years draft picks

We haven't had many scraps in the last decade but this years offense has been an absolute pleasure.

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