Darren Mcfadden: A Tough Road


   I remember the last two years, where Darren Mcfadden was a bust. He couldn't run between the tackles, he couldn't hit his second gear, damn, he couldn't play running back. Most of the time, he was used as a wide receiver. The only thing good to come out of Mcfadden was, " He had great hands." You never hear stuff like, "The guys that are fast enough to catch him aren't strong enough to bring him down", from Jack Del Rio. Trust me, you didn't see that last year. The reason for this is because Darren Mcfadden is a different runner.


The last two years, Darren Mcfadden was honestly, a dissapointment. I remember wishing we would've grabbed Jonathan Stewart, my favorite at the time, Chris Johnson, a typical "Al Davis" pick, or even Felix Jones, the guy who backed up Mcfadden in college.


 In my eyes, Mcfadden was a dissapointment. His first start was okay, but he couldn't hit the homerun. I was neutral, but still dissapointed feeling he can't do what he did in college in the NFL. Then, he gets a turf toe, one that can affect Mcfadden for the whole season. First season equals dissapointment.



 Second season, dissappointment. Can't hit homeruns, can't break tackles, injuries. Gosh, I was so done with Mcfadden. All I wanted was Bush. Everywhere I go, I hear, "Al Davis has done it again. He has made a promising athlete into a bust in the NFL." All I could do was to sit there and just take it all in because there was nothing I could say.

After all this came this year. The Raiders opened the season with a loss, but Mcfadden broke numerous tackles and almost got a 100 yards. I was like, "Hmm, different." The next game, I seen him live against the Rams. He was feed the ball over 30+ times, and he didn't tire out or get injured.

We got to the Cardinals's game and he blew up. He unleashed his speed, jukes, vision, EVERYTHING. Darnell Docket stated after that game, "That n*gga runs harder than anyone I've ever seen!" From that point on, everything about Mcfadden changed.

People started claiming he was legit, he can run, how they loved him so much from the start (me), and how he was so amazing. I mean, praise for him came from everyone.

From that time on until present day, Darren Mcfadden has been molded. I feel now that we have ourselves one of the best, if not the best back in the NFL. Our offense practically goes through Mcfadden.  Today against the Denver Broncos, I seen a swagger about him. He now knows he is a great back and he believes that.

I believe we have greatness in Mcfadden now and this long road to mold Mcfadden is finally complete. Here's to Darren Mcfadden.


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