The Raiders Need Help From an Old Friend and A Florida Quarterback.

To start off i'd like to say I am sorry. I know I wasn't the only one who doubted Campbell but he is our man for the next 3 or more years. I was a big Gradkowski supporter and still am but Jay can lead this team to the post season. I just wish things would of played out differently. Like Campbell just plain out winning the job without Bruce getting hurt because everytime Campbell goes down and Boller starts warming up I tear up.

We are doing great but we need some help. We need help from an old friend.Our old QB Kerry Collins. Him and the Titans go to Arrowhead this week. We need them to win. I'm not sure if they are in the race but if they are they need us to win against Indy. Kerry for all the games you couldn't win here this game would make up for it.

Our other problem is the Chargers. If they win out and we give KC the beating that they got coming the Chargers are in. Now I hate both teams. ALOT. I'm just tired of the Chargers going. Now my prediction a certain QB wins his 2nd start against Hou gets the start and beats SD. Tebow. He is fighting for the job next year and so is his coach and what better way to do it then beating the team that has led the division for like half a decade. Couple other things to throw at   Bailey on his last year on the contract so his future is unclear and how about Brian Dawkins coming back in the last game of the season and maybe his career to put on a show.

Now none of this matters if we don't win our game against the playoff mode Colts and Peyton Manning. I like Peyton but I want him to get crushed this game. After watching Brady get pretty beat up against the Packers I know hits on the QB add up and they get quicker to force the ball or throw it away. Getting to Manning will win us the game. He is a superstar and will try to make something happen and we need to shut it down. We need to play like we played the Chargers. Run first. Hit the Quarterback. Force turnovers. Great special teams. Smart Passing. Smashmouth football.

Position Breakdown

QB- Jason Campbell. He is good but most of all he's all we got. Bruce and Frye are out and Boller is well I don't how to put it other then he has connections with Hue and that's how he still has a job. With help from the playmakers Jason can take us deep.

RB- McFadden and Bush do their thing. Although I think we switch to Bush to soon. Run DMC needs time to get going sometimes and Bush should be used to get first downs, spell Darren, and to punch it in. I do hate though that Mcfadden gets it to the goaline and then we put in Bush to punch it in. It's not that bad of a thing but if we want DMC to go to the pro bowl he's gotta score.

FB- Probowl? Reece could start a trend for teams to start looking for guys that can block, catch, and take it over 50 yards for a touchdown. Just needs to keep working on the blocking.

WR- Murphy continues to lead it but Ford is good. Both will be on the top part of the depth chart for 5 years. I wish I could say the same for Bey and my favorite Schilens. Bey shows improvement but not for as much as he is getting payed. Schilens now back from injuries is in but hasn't caught a pass. I'm not sure if him and Campbell have gotten on the same page yet but keep hoping.

TE- Miller need I say more?

Line- Overall average. Too many penalties but the protection is decent and the run blocking is well the best? Walker down haven't heard anything. I was hoping for Campbell but Henderson replaces him.

Dline- When they want to be they can be the best. When Seymour and Kelly play their best we win. Nuff said.

Backers- Not much covering skills here and will need them against the colts. McClain is a stud. Jacksonville is proof he makes a big difference.

Corners- Umm will a decent corner please stand up. Route gets burned I say wheres johnson. Johnson gets burned I say wheres Route. Route misses an easy pick lets them score then commits a penaltly and I say where the hell is Aso??

Safeties- Huff's hitting has improved but I'm not sure if any safety we have can cover. It's like we have 3 physical strong safeties and no ball hawking free safeties. Stevie Brown?

We need help. We need to win. We can win. Just let it rip.

I've already started making my thank you cards to Kerry Collins, CJ, and the Titans. Carson Palmer, Ocho and the Bengals. Tim Tebow or Kyle Orton, Champ Bailey, and can't believe I'm saying this the Broncos.

Just Win Baby. I'm talking to you, Campbell.

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