Possible 2011 Free Agents

Just something to get my mind off of Manning torching our secondary because Marshall won't bring the heat.


Matt Lienart- Bust if you ask me. Someone will take him as a backup. Det, Ten, Min, or pretty much anyone who thinks he has potential. Me not being one of them.

Alex Smith or Troy Smith or maybe both- Anything can happen here. Maybe the one who gets the start stays or maybe they get a new coach and both leave. Overall both are better then Lienart but Me being an Ohio State fan think Troy is better and we should get him depending on how our QB situation ends up.

Carson Palmer and Donovan Mcnabb- Both have big contracts who aren't playing at big contract levels.

Matt Moore, Tarvaris Jackson, and Kerry Collins- All are in bad situations and anything could happen.


DeAngelo Williams, CAR-  He's good and will want payed next year but CAR has two pretty good backs other then him. It will come down to money but with Carolina playing as bad as they are can they afford to lose any good players?

Cedric Benson, CIN- It's possible we see a whole new Bengal team next year with a whole new staff, QB, RB, and WR. I'm not that big of fan of Benson.

Joseph Addai, IND-  If he wants to be the big man on campus he will have to leave. With a future HOF QB and having to share carries he will never be able to show what he can really do.

Ronnie Brown, MIA-  Maybe only money would be an issue but he's a major part of the offense and I can't see him leaving.

Jerious Norwood, Tim HightowerRicky Williams, Mike Tolbert- Could all be on new teams.


Randy Moss, TEN- He can still play and will see if anyone offers him something better then TEN. I don't think he is a good fit there. Maybe he recieves an offer from the Raiders?

Vincent Jackson, SD- The man wants payed and the man plays. Simple as that. SD will trade him but don't count on him hitting the open market.

Sidney Rice, MIN- He's good. I have a feeling he won't be there next year but I could be wrong.

Malcom Floyd, SD-  He can be a number one. Like his teammate he wants payed. SD is a sticky sitaution that could go anyways.

We have a need at WR and those guys are the only ones worth paying.

Braylon EdwardsSantana Moss, Steve Smith, Mike Sims-Walker- Edwards is the only one I can see playing for a different team.

Offensive Line

Jared Gaither- Slim Chances being back in Baltimore. I think he wants to play LT. I like him but the Raiders are devolping a LT right now. If him or Veldeer agreed to play RT then we would be buisness. If Hue is still here next season that would really help.

 Matt Light, NE- You really never know with New England they could have a guy from a prison league playing great football for them. The only guy whos job is safe is Bradys.

Carl Nicks, NO- One of the best in the league. It's all about money. Do the Saints really want to drop another big check?

Logan Mankins, NE- Will be gone next season.

The Raiders really could use a guy at every position on the line especially the right side.

Defensive Line

Albert Haynesworth, WASH- He will be cut and the only ones I see signing him is the Raiders, Titans, Rams, and maybe Jacksonville. I say get him. Him and Seymour with Kelly spelling every guy on the line except on passing downs and it makes Kelly expendable even though he has had a great season. Instantly best DLine in the league.

Pat Williams, Mathias Kiwanuka, and Shaun Ellis- These are the only players on the line I can see leaving their teams.


David HarrisShawne MerrimanKirk Morrisonand Chad Greenway- Could all be on new teams next year?


 Champ Bailey- He is 1st on my wish list this off-season. Him and Aso would be great.

Carlos RogersEric Wright, Fabian Washington, Richard Marshall, Quintin Mikell, Darren Sharper, Eric Weddle, and Chinedum Ndukwe- Other then maybe Rogers all could be looking for a different team.

Raiders in contract years.

Stanford Routt, Hiram Eugene, Thomas Howard, Ricky Brown, Seymour, Super Mario, Satele, Johnnie Lee Higgins, Zach Miller, Bush, and Bruce Gradkowski.

We need a D coach or a new head coach with a defensive back round. If we added Big Al and Champ with a different defensive scheme I don't know how we lose.

Trading Block

All LBs except McClain. I don't know what were doing. Groves and Wimbly can't cover and I'm not sure if Wimbly can hit anyone besides the QB. I still wish Howard started. Now if we ran a 3-4 then I really can understand it but after this season I think we should stay a 4-3. As of right now I think Seymour and Kelly are playing the best football on the defense and that's what they are better in.

Safeties. I think we have 4 good safeties. Our system doesn't help though. I think we listen to offers for Branch and Huff and see what happens. I know the Colts are looking for safeties.

Michael Bush. I think he can be a feature back for a team and deserves it. I don't want to get rid of him or really any of the players we have now but he's more then a backup.

The off-season is a good ways away and I'm glad for that because we have no 1st round pick to make our mock drafts more fun. Remember to root for the Titans this weekend.

Have a Holly Jolly one guys.

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