Realities and Pipe-Dreams...Not Rocket Science!

Well everyone, here we are again looking at the Draft, Free Agency, and Coaching possibilities. The following is my opinion on what OUR TEAM needs to improve next year and what I feel are just pipe-dreams. I would love to hear everyones ideas and feedback... so on with the show! 


COACHING-- As much as I like alot of the Coaches that are going to be available, I have to admit, I think its in our best interests to Keep what we have, MINUS DEFENSIVE COORDINATOR. The reasons I say this, are:

     Cable: He has turned the mindset around, and finally has our boys wanting to play a full four quarters. Our guys trust him as well. I feel he deserves one more year at least. The only way i would be happy with a change that would be better?--- CHUCKY ANYONE?

     Hue: All one has to do is look at the team the last 7 years compared to this year....NUFF SAID! We would be stupid not to keep this guy! I would even consider throwing the HC job to him to keep him, but I feel the LESS we do to cause change the better we will be next year.

     Marshall: This guy couldnt defend against my 1 yr old niece with a nuclear bomb. I am at the point anyone would be better than this guy.


OFFENSE--Everyone has their opinion, but our greatest and i feel only needs we have in order to be successful are OL OL OL OL OL OL OL, and a Vetreran WR!!!!!!!!!

     QB: JC has come a long way and has improved dramatically the more accustomed to the system he gets. Im not ready to say if he has HOF potential or not, but I do feel he has earned another year as our starter. B Glasskowski is a good backup and a fan favorite, and I feel he has earned a spot next year as well. Boller who? The only way I see us improving more in this area next year would take nothing less than a VICK, but lets be realistic here.... there is only about a 1% chance the Eagles will let him go to anyone. Hence, I say we give Campbell another year in the SAME OFFENSIVE SCHEME for once in his career and see what happens, and concentrate on positions that we are in serious need of.


     WR: Ford, Murphy... thats all we have. We would be better off with a 3rd or 4th and a Veteran instead of DHB and Glass Schillens....I say ditch them and the big contracts and take the penalties in 2012. I hate to say it, but for the sweet deal we could land....Plaxico anyone?


     OL: We are so close!!!! I say a good Veteran in FA at least! Maybe Ogden or Faneca? We need more leadership at this position plain and simple! We need someone that can help BC and Veldheer develope. I feel we have the tools, just lack the leadership and guidance.


DEFENSE-- In this area, minus a few DB and LB changes, I feel, again, that we have the tools, just need a coach!

     COACHING: How could one of the baddest beasts ever to grace the game not work? I feel Singletary would be a great DC. And considering he has failed like he has as a HC(although I dont feel its his fault entirely) we could get him pretty reasonable im guessing. ANYONE would be better than Marshall.

     DL: Not alot I can say in this area. I am a firm believer that this current squad will be feared next year, especially with a good DC.

     LB: A good Veteran wouldnt hurt at the OLB position, but again, with a good DC, we would be ok until the 2012 Draft...although we could improve in the Draft as well.

     DB: I say ditch Routt and Johnson, and possibly Huff......if nothing else make em back ups. We could really use a CB to compliment NA. Champ Bailey or Cromartie anyone?  I dont think Cromartie will be available, but being from Utah, I hear alot about the Donkeys, and Champ is definately on the Block.... well unless Orton goes instead.


In closing, I feel we are close enough that just a few key Veteran players, or a few NON BUST draft picks, and a new DC will get us where we need to be next year. Like alot of you, I have pipe-dreams of Vick, and the other instant upgrade players that will be available, etc, etc, etc. We either pay for quick short term success, or we bring in a few mentors...The reality for me is bring some leadership to the nation that will help the new-bloods develope and then next year, and the year after, and the year after, we will not only be contenders again, but will be feared again!!!!! What ideas do all of you have?

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