The Raiders Had Their Chance! 6 Wins Max This Year & Lose Today!

     I had the Raiders pegged to be 9-7 this year with no worse than 8-8. The way I saw it, we would , split all the AFC West Games (3-3) and then beat St. Louis, Arizona, San Francisco, Seattle, Miami & Jacksonville and lose to Tennessee, Houston, Pittsburgh and Indianapolis. I know the season isn't over yet but all our easier games are over. We have been in the hardest part of our schedule since after the BYE Week. Now we face a must win game against a rolling San Diego team who is #1 in the League in Total Offense and Total Defense whereas we are #5 in Rushing Yards and #5 Passing Defense.  Even though we beat San Diego the first time this year, Philip River tore us a new butt hole in the passing game. Expect more of the same today, especially since our main defensive guys are questionable and if they play, it wont be at 100%. Notable questionable' s and definite scratches for todays game as follows:


  1. Richard Seymour: Knee (Q)
  2. Nnamdi Asomugha: Ankle (Q)
  3. Rolando McClain: Foot (Q)
  4. Tyvon Branch: Shoulder (Q)
  5. Chris Johnson: Groin (Scratch)


  1. Zach Miller: Foot (Q)
  2. Chaz Schilens: Knee (Q)

     Darren McFadden could be added to the "Questionable" list as well because his GAME has been BROKEN for the past 2 weeks. Micheal Bush ran for 104 Yards and 1 TD in our first meeting because D-Mac was still out hurt. Hopefully.....HOPEFULLY, we will use both of them to wear down the defense so we can open up our passing game.  Of course I want us to win but honestly, I just don't see it happening. We do have some positives going for us though. (1) Jason Campbell played in the first meeting so he has (or should have) a good idea of what to expect.  (2) We have both of our Half Backs healthy. (3) Jacoby Ford has emerged as a real weapon. We COULD come away with an upset if our Special Teams plays well on both sides of the ball and if Hue Jackson can stop being so damn vanilla on offense and really use our weapons. We have 2 running backs who can run, catch and throw the ball, yet we hardly utilize the wild cat, running back direct snaps or half back options. I'm really beginning to think that Hue Jackson is just a lot of big talk on offense without much substance. Why? Look at the Miami game. Miami runs the wildcat offense better and more often than any team in the NFL so therefore they also know how to defend it. We have barley used to wildcat all season long but then we go to Miami use it......FOR WHAT?! That was a DUMB A$$ move by Hue Jackson. Miami knew exactly how to defend it.  I could go on and on about how he has been utterly clueless on offense at many points this year but I won' least not yet.

     What I will say is that, we blitzed the hell out of the Philip RIvers to win the first game but now that they have Marcus McNeil protecting his left side. With our secondary and defensive front banged up, we won't be able to get that same pressure today.

My hope, Raiders win. My prediction....Philip Rivers has a career day in passing and their defense picks of Jason Campbell 3 or 4 times and we get the brakes beat off of us.

We had our chance for a winning season or at least .500. We will be LUCKY to win 1 more game this year. My guess is if we do, we will beat the Bronco's at home.

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