A Letter To My Fellow Brethren

We all sit at the same crossroad...  Waiting, hoping, wanting; just a glimmer of hope, a light at the end of the tunnel.  Where is our franchise going?  Not a one of us knows...  Only one man in a wheelchair can answer that question, well, maybe he can, if he knows...

I read all articles on this site, and I understand all of your woes, your thoughts, and your hopes for the future.  Through all of life's trials and tribulations (Saint, we all hope and pray for you and your friend, may he rest in peace), in the end we have this site to fall back on.  I must say I enjoy reading all takes on our team.  From Sons methodical takes to Mike and Rats rants back and forth at each other, we all love this team and hope for it's return to glory. 

Let's reflect for a moment, on everything, from 1960 to the present.

There are 10 owners in the hall of fame, Al is one of them.  Al marked himself as a young coach with the LA Chargers (that's right SD fans, THE LA CHARGERS) and worked his way into the Raiders whom had a 9-33 record over 3 years at that point.  Al led the RAIDERS to a 10-4 record in his first year and was unanimously named coach of the year.  Davis then led the RAIDERS to a 23-16-3 record over the next 3 years before being named AFL commissioner.  Old Al then started an aggressive campaign against the NFL by signing some of their highly skilled players to contracts knowing that the AFL was superior. Then the AFL and NFL owners (Old Al not inculed) had merger meetings and created what we know now as the NFL.  Al was against this, since he Knew the AFL was a far superior league, and it was  After this, Al purchased a 10% share in our OAKLAND RAIDERS and was one of three managing parters with Wayne Valley and Ed McGah. He was also named head of football operations.

With Davis in control, the Raiders became one of the most successful teams in all of professional sports. From 1967 to 1985 the team won 13 division championships, one AFL championship (1967), three Super Bowls (XI, XV, and XVIII) and made 15 playoff appearances. Though the Raiders' fortunes have waned in recent years,, they are one of two teams to play in the Super Bowl in four different decades, with the other being the Pittsburgh Steelers. Along with appearing in five Super Bowls, the Raiders have also played in their Conference/League Championship Game in every decade since their inception.

In 1992 Davis was inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame as a Team and League Administrator, and was presented by John Madden. Davis has been chosen by a record nine Pro Football Hall of Fame inductees to present them at the Canton, Ohio ceremony: Lance Alworth, Jim Otto, George Blanda, Willie Brown, Gene Upshaw, Fred Biletnikoff, Art Shell, Ted Hendricks, and Madden.  (Yes, this is chronicled info).

Our franchise is like no other.  The spoiled diaper babies across the bay can scream 5-0 as much as they want, but their team was not built by blood sweat and tears like ours.  They are the product of an owner with a rich mommy and daddy that gave anything that little Eddie wanted.  Old Al is a ruthless business man that turned an idea into a reality, a culture, a lifestyle.

The truth is, we have a long way to go.  I love my team, and all of my fellow fans.  We all may not share the same opinions, but we are lucky that this site exists so we can voice our pains and frustrations with each other.  I just ask, as an OAKLAND RAIDER, that we cease and desist with the common crap and focus on the future.  The draft is just around the corner, and there does not appear to be a "Heyward-Bey" type of player on the board, so my hopes are once again high.

I hope all members of the nation are doing well...  Let's go Oakland...

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