KA1Z3R's Quick Mock Raiders Draft

I just felt like posting a quick mock draft. Hope you enjoy. However, in it I have Morrison being signed by another team, thus giving us a third rounder as a result. This seems to be what everyone is thinking will happen


1st. Round- G Mike Iupati





I just love Iupati. I can't help but pray we draft him, though it's unlikely. I think he really solidifies the interior of our line. Plus as I stated in my previous post's comments, he brings an attitude and a swagger that our line lacks, thus his presence makes the whole unit better.


The past four years, there's been a really good OT come out of the draft. Joe Thomas, Jake Long, Ryan Clady, Michael Oher; but this time it will be a guard. That guard is Iupati.


2nd. round- CB Patrick Robinson





Fast, good set of hands, great awareness. I really like Robinson. Though, I think he should play #3 corner early on in the year to develop and learn from CJ and Nnamdi. I think Robinson could be a good corner for us to rotate with CJ. Which I think is something you'll see more of this year.


With Nnamdi avoided, the other corner gets pounded. But if two equally talented corners rotate every couple downs, I believe we could find a solution. Robinson is just the kind of guy I want rotating with CJ.


3rd. round- MLB Pat Angerer





There's no linebacker more vicious (well maybe eye-gouger Spikes), more hard-hitting, or more aggressive than Angerer in the draft. Though I think he'll have some trouble early on in coverage, but you can't deny his ability in the run game. He is absolutely devastating. No matter who is at DT, I think he would succeed. Strong, fast, and a great block shedder, Angerer is our solution to our MLB woes.


Round 3- (Morrison pick) OT Selvish Capers





Living in West Virginia, you hear and see a lot of Capers. And I like what I see and hear. Very underrated in the draft, Capers is second round quality in the third-to-fourth round range. Has the size for the ZBS, but the strength of a power blocking scheme player.


High energy, fun loving, he's like the Thomas Howard of the offensive line. I would gladly wait till round 3 for us to draft a RT if the name Capers comes across the screen. Smart, fast, strong, and a guy who excels at run blocking, I love Selvish Capers.


Round 4- DT Torrell Troup




If you ever managed to watch UCF, you would know Troup was the cog that the great UCF defense revolved around. Big, strong, and able to penetrate to make plays in the backfield, Troup is the kinda guy I want to round off our defensive line.


Troup is an every down DT, a monster in the run game and a constant threat in the passing game, sign me up to the Troup bandwagon.


Round 6- RB Roy Upchurch




The buzz in Tuscaloosa all year was Mark Ingram, but Upchurch, Alabama's #2 RB, could have started for 80% of all college teams. With Fargas gone, I'd like to see Oakland try to draft a sleeper back to play #3 in the rotation (#2 if McFadden keeps sucking).


He's not blazing fast, and he's not a true power back, he's just a good all-around running back. I don't think you could find a more reliable all around back this late in the draft. I think he could be a pretty decent rotation back in the NFL.


Round 7- John Conner




Good blocker and a decent runner, Connor reminds me of a less developed Zack Crockett. And who doesn't want that on their team? Might not be here when we pick, but I really hope he is. Basically an insurance policy if O' Neal can't go this year or isn't up to par.



I know I wasn't very in-depth, but I just wanted to do this real quick to give ya'll my preferred mock draft as it stands.


Depth Chart after draft:


  • QB- Gradkowski/Frye/Russell
  • RB- Bush/McFadden/Upchurch
  • FB- O'Neal/Connor
  • TE- Miller/Myers/Stewart
  • WR1- Schilens/Higgins/Figurs
  • WR2- Murphy/DHB/N.Miller
  • LT- Henderson/Barnes (depends on who wins that competition)
  • LG- Gallery/Walker
  • C- Satele/Morris
  • RG- Iupati/Carlisle
  • RT- Capers/Barnes (I would like to see a competition here)
  • RE- Wimbley/Shaughnessy/Scott (if Shaughnessy does better than Wimbley then he should start)
  • UT- Kelly/Bryant
  • NT- Troup/Joesph (he always makes it on roster)
  • LE- Seymour/Shaughnessy/Richardson
  • ROLB- Howard/Ekejiuba
  • MLB- Angerer/Brown
  • LOLB- Scott/Wimbley
  • CB1- Asomugha/Routt
  • CB2- Johnson/Robinson (once more I would like a competition here)
  • FS- Huff/Eugene
  • SS- Branch/Mitchell
  • K- Janikowski
  • P- Lechler
  • KR- Figurs
  • PR- Higgins (I want to give him another chance to see how he does)



Thoughts and opinions?

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