My personal thoughts on Raider Nation-What should happen (and what will)

 So this is my first post here on S&BP though I've been reading the opinions for some time. Its nice to know that Raider Nation is still alive and well even though we've been getting it handed to us since Barrett Robbins took a soiree to TJ over 8 years ago. I grew up with my dad being a Raider fan, and I am the only son of 3 who took up the mantle of following them. One of my earliest memories was a Raider game on TV versus the chiefs, Shell was coaching and Bo fumbled the football , it was reviewed on instant replay but i cant recall which way it went. I saw Napoleon McCallum get his knee bent backwards by the niners on monday night. My favorite player as a kid was Mervyn Fernandez (I was a kid, gimme a break).

But I am hopeful about this new season. My goals are simple for this year. BEAT THE CHARGERS. I don't care if we win or lose 10 games, if J-whatuwantmetothrowittoourteamnow becomes the starting QB or the main course on Thanksgiving day. Beat the flippin chargers. And the seahawks so i can gloat to their fans (heard we play them this year).

As for the draft here are my thoughts

1. Iupati is a good choice here. If Suh falls grab him so we can have a husker duo (kudos if you caught it). But I expect we will hear Bruce Campbell's name called. I guess I'm okay with it.

2. Pat Angerer should be drafted here. He will not be around in the third. And I'm hoping against hope that Cableguy can convince Al that Taylor Mays will be around in the third (he'll be there in the seventh for all I care)

3. Jahvid Best. A guy who reminds me of Fargas in that he possesses speed and guts. The injury will scare some people off but as i saw how he got it (getting a td)  and Al getting guys from Cal lately it makes sense. The guy from SC who was injured in the weightroom, Stafon Johnson, would be acceptable

4. Myron Rolle. A Rhodes scholar, he will be a good addition to a secondary that I expect to see dismantled because of a trade or free agency. Plus he will get Routt off the roster.

At this point on I don't know much. Trindon Holliday might be a good pickup to give J-Lard a LSU guy to throw to and a potential JLH replacement. Cody in the 7th so we can have even more fat guys wasting roster space. Pick a fullback that can A) stay healthy and B) stay off the roids. Ah the hell with it. Pick the 7 meanest bastards you can find and slap the pads on.

Ideal opening roster

QB. Mad Dog Gradkowski

RB D-Mac/Best or Johnson (Bush is getting traded. Just a gut feeling)

WR DHB/Murphy/Schillens/Holliday

LINE LEFT TO RIGHT Henderson/Gallery/Morris/Walker/Campbell

D-LINE Seymour/Bryant/Kelly/Wimbley or Shaughnessy

LB Morrison/Scott/Howard

CB Nnamdi/Mitchell/CJ/Rolle

Safeties Branch and Huff

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