Matt Mayberry analysis

Eastern KentuckI looked at Matt Mayberry on a highlight video on youtube, and I just want to start out saying that they were no overhead angles so I can evaluate his overall awareness. 


When I look at a LB, especially a MLB, I look at awareness, tackling and maybe big hits, speed and acceleration to the ball carrier, strength, and pass/run coverage, and leadership and character. Okay, here it goes:


Matt Mayberry

6'2"   238 lbs.

Played at Indiana as a MLB all 4 years.


*Awareness*: What I seen in the vid, was average- above average awareness. let me explain. when it comes to against the rush, he keeps his eye on the RB, and goes to where his instincts lead him too. Most of the time, the RB thinks he found a hole, then Mayberry comes in and says "I don't think so." the tackles him. In passing, he's pretty good in zone. What makes him successful usually is his speed, where he can look at where the QB is looking and just as he throws it, Mayberry sprints after the guy, and tackles him. But sometimes(or maybe half of the time), the catcher is already 3-5 yards beyond the line of scrimmage, which means mayberry plays a bit deep, and keeps his guys in front of him, so when they catch it, he meets them right away.


*Tackling*- Tackles are sometimes great, and sometimes not. I often see him make drag down tackles on guys who are quick, and when guys either don't see him or are right in front of him, he makes a good wrap up tackle. With the drag own tackling, he mostly seems to try and use his weight to take them down. He has great speed to get to the ball carrier or Qb and make the tackle, or at least try to, and slow the guy down. Looking at the vid, I can already tell that he would have trouble with very quick backs, and VERY strong backs(VERY strong ones though). This seems like he needs to improve on, with some strength in the mix as well(we'll get to that).



*Speed and acceleration*- Mayberry is VERY fast, and can get to whoever has the ball, very quickly. I've seen him accel RIGHT when a guy catches the ball, and hits him then and there. This is his strongest attribute. There's nothing to be said now really.He can also accel fast to where the ball carrier is(RB), when he gets the ball, and go through a gap and make a tackle for a loss. 


*Strength*- Something he needs to build up a bit. I see him having trouble with guys who are known for breaking tackles, and adding some strength will help him greatly. I don't want to see him try and make a tackle on a guy who can just break free from it due to mayberry having no strength, and a needs improvement( A BIT) in the tackling category. He may have trouble facing a blocker as well, but his speed will likely direct him to the outside of the blocker, instead of right into him. He's a MLB, so I might not worry at all when pressing TE's n the line of scrimmage, which a quick TE can easily burn him(BUT he can run the TE down and make a tackle, but the TE will get some yardage out of it sadly. 


*Pass/Run coverage*- In zone, he can excel at. He has good awareness to know where the QB can throw it, and possibly make a pick(he has I think 3-5 picks last year). Man coverage he CAN do well as long as he has above average hip movement as well(which he looks to be pretty good). He also has a pretty good nose for the RB and where the RB will go. He seems to be in on many tackles that involve the RB. He can be good here as well. But nifty runners will go by him pretty well it looks like. He needs to improve hip movement more in both categories, then he'll be able to say "I don't think so" whenever a RB tries to contest with him.

A note I want to point out is the play-action. He looks like he can be fooled in play-action quite a bit. He does have good awareness, and speed, so he can drop back pretty well, and maintain coverage. Trick plays may be his weakness though, as he can over-pursuit pretty easily.


*Leadership/Character*- Mayberry is a student of the game, and he'll improve in any category so he can help his team. He seems to command the field, and he doesn't have any criminal or "bad character" activities from what I know of(not enough info in that specific category). All I know is that Mayberry is a good influence for the team.



Mayberry led his team in tackles, I think because he runs down his opponent, as well as stop them after the line, or a couple yards beyond it. He can blitz well, but as long as he is not met by a blocker at full contact, and would be taken out of the play, unless he disengages, which he can do well. He has the nose for the pass, and can make several breakups due to pretty big hits right when their receiver catches the ball, or he'll dive or knock it away, so he's a competitor who will not break down by any means, and I like that.


2009 Regular Season Stats:


*Eastern Kentucky*- W   19-13: Total Tackles- 5(solo  3); 1 sack; 1 pass defended


*Western Michigan*- W   23-19: Total Tackles- 6(solo  4)


@ *Akron*- W   38-21: Total Tackles- 5(solo  3)


@ *Michigan*- L   36-33: Total Tackles- 10(solo  5)


*Ohio State*- L   33-14: Total Tackles- 10(solo  5); 1 sack


@ *Virginia*- L   47-7: total Tackles- 8(solo  5)


*Illinois*- W   27- 14: Total Tackles- 14(solo  12); 1 pass defended


@ *Northwestern*- L   29-28: Total Tackles- 13(solo  9); 1 Interception


@ *Iowa*- L   42-24: Total Tackles- 9(solo  2); 1 sack; 1 int


*Wisconsin*- L   31-28: Total Tackles- 4(solo  3)


@ *Penn State*- L   31-20: Total Tackles- 15(solo  7); 1 int


*Purdue*- L   38-21: Total Tackles- 9(solo  3); 2 sacks; 1 pass defended



I notice that he does get quite a few tackles himself, which is a good sign, although I don't know college football, so I don't know about any of these teams, or their players. He may play the pass quite a bit, or guys catch it and escape from him often which may result in why he does not have a bunch of tackles all the time(also being clogged up in the blockers some times) which is not a good sign out of him. he's not a 1st round pick either, so in terms of value, he might be a good pickup, or at least worth a look.


Video Highlights from youtube:


He reminds of Kirk Morrison to tell you the truth, onl he may be better against the run,but idk. His BIG pro potential(like kirks imo) is when he builds up strength, and awareness, he may be more similar to Patrick WIllis. :)


I kinda made this because darthdavis was high on this guy, and I wanted to see him for myself, and davis, I expect you may disagree with some of the things I said, mainly because I'm guessing you are a fan of Mayberry, but don't worry, I think he can be successful in the nfl, especially if he improves on a few stuff.


also, note #2, I had this done at about 5:30 pm, but I had to go to judo, so I posted it just when I got home.

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