Im baaaaacccckkkkkk

Ok straight to business. Mock draft time up to the 8th pick.

1. Rams should take Bradford. If they take Suh he will be good but they will have taken a lineman 4 years in a row. They havent taken a qb in the 1st in like 25 years. If Bradford checks out medically he will be the pick. No matter how many double teams suh will take.

2. Lions will take Suh. Jim Swartz sees him as Albert Haynesworth jr., who was the key to their defense when they were rockin everybody that one year.

3. Tampa Bay. Gerald mccoy is their boy. Eric berry is a possibility, but mccoy is the 1A to Suhs no. 1 rating. A great penetrator like warren sapp was.

4. Washington would have taken bradford here, but hes gone, so its either an OT which they dont have any good ones or its a DE. Those are the highest rated players who are available here. So the pick could be any of the following-Russel Okung, Brian Bulaga, Anthony Davis, Jason Pierre Paul, the dude from ga tech, carlos dunlap. This pick may be high for some of these dudes, but you and i know once a few DEs or OTs start going in the 1st round, then everybody starts taking them. The pick I think is brian bulaga. OT from Iowa. Punishing run blocker who has great leverage. Should step in day one and contribute for shanahan.

5. Cheifs will take eric berry. Best non lineman in this draft. Done deal. Scott pioli says its a no brainer.

6. Seattle has some options, but Walter jones isnt getting any younger and jimmy clausen is way to high to be picked here. Pick should be Russel okung.

7. Breaks my heart but the browns take joe haden. I really want joe haden opposite nnamdi so we can get chris johnson outta there. But eric magini takes him thinking he will be the next darrelle revis.

8. And its time for our boys. I heard taylor mays. We have enough box safties. And i dont care if he ran 4.1 at his pro day. Jimmy clausen and golden tate made him look like a fool all day in the ND and USc game. he just lays the wood and if its thrown right to him he can catch it. top 10 player when it comes to athletisicm. 3rd rounder for coverage and awareness. But then again all you need is a fast 40 and your a riader right? lol. I also heard rolano mcclain at MLB. Am i the only dude that like morrison in the middle? I guess so. the raider dont even like him. a 3rd round tender for him while a 1st and a 3rd for STANFORD ROUTT'S CONSITENTLY TOASTED ASS?!? Well the raiders do what the raiders do. But mcclain is too high here. Anthony davis is my 2nd choice. Athletic guy who should start at RT over cornell greens terrible self. And i like carlos dunlap and jason pierre paul too, but if its gonna be a DE at 8 i would take the GA tech dude. hes my favorite, even if i cant remember his name. lol

FA wise i think we should cut gerard warren, chris johnson, routt (too late), JAMARCUS RUSSELL, javon walker, and yeah its breaks my heart but justin fargas too.

And as for the spelling errors. Whatever. this is an informational and opnionated discussion post. Not my senior thesis. Thanks everybody. Comment all you want. But you better back up what you say because i have been know to start some feuds. I am a notorious comment-er-backer. lol.

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