I'm ready for some draft hijinx

All the mocks are just about done. The show is about to begin. As RRRAIDERS fans, we all know what our team needs. I won't insult anybody's intelligence. We're all tired of our team being the brunt of everybody's jokes. Here's a few things I've been pondering this week.

1. Why spend our 1st round draft pick on the 3rd or 4th best O-Lineman in the draft?

-Okung will be gone. Trent Williams will probably be gone. We'd seriously be overpaying the next best thing at the oline positions at this point. Actually making our selection a repeat of the past.

2. Everybody on this team should be shopped.

-As much as I hate to think of Nnamdi in a different uniform ( I just got my Authentic Jersey last year), we need to explore every avenue leading to the elusive town of Winningseasonville.

3. Can Russell avoid giving Ryan Leaf a break of burdening the biggest bust of all-time label, given a competent offensive line?

-I want this guy gone and fast. We're paying this bum whether he's on the roster or not. Aside from his attitude and work ethic, I think he can be helped with a line. But I can make that arguement for any QB in the league. Cutting him now would please me to no end.

4. Should we make an attempt to move up in the draft?

-There's only 2 players I would be willing to move up for knowing that the price will be heavy. Suh or Okung. I'd actually listen to teams willing to trade for our pick and trade down. If Claussen is still on the board for us, I'm sure we'll have options to do just that. Get more picks and hit later in the 1st round by selecting the best player available, regardless of what we need.  This is a deep draft.  I've heard Detroit and Kansas City are looking to trade down, possibly even Washington. Morrison needs to go. Argue that however you want with his stats, but he battled for a starting job last preseason and the world knows it. Strike while the iron is hot with him. Granted, there haven't been any media reported interest in him. Doesn't mean there won't be on draft day. Shop til we drop.

5. How many fans will we have left after another "Hey-Bey"-like pick?

-I'm finding myself alone more and more these days screaming "RRRAIDERS" on Sundays. Even the hardest of hardcores can run out of "rah-rah".  I'm just hoping the few games I actually attend this season result in something other than projectile vomitting and violent ranting from the stands.

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