Rolando McClain short analysis

This shall be the short analysis on Mr. McClain. I'm guessing many of us have already done our homework on him.


Rolando McClain

6'3"     254 lbs.

College: Alabama, played MLB all 4 years






Awareness: He seems to have great awareness in both pass and run, more-so the run. I like how he waits for any sign of a handoff before making his decisions(in other words he's careful in decision making), or when the QB drops back to pass. Which also means he shouldn't be susceptible to play action.


Speed: Not MUCH speed, but he does have the game speed a 4-3 MLB needs. But sometimes I wonder if he actually goes all our to across the field with his speed, or just "jogs." Sometimes I see him faster, sometimes not. It's weird, but I hope he's not the type of selfish player that "dogs" it on plays. But other than that, he displays average speed of a 4-3 MLB.


Tackling and Strength: When I watched the highlights, it looks like he uses his body weight to tackle his guys down. I personally don't like that. I would rather see a nice wrap up tackle. Sometimes he makes a nice tackle, but I mostly see tackles that CAN be considered sloppy. He likes to make the big hits too, but his speed has half to do with it, and over pursuing is a factor against McClain. He has average strength. He doesn't have blitzing strength. But he has enough strength to tackle tough fotball players, and combined with even his average speed, is a nice touch, but then again, whenever does speed not give anyone that nice touch?


Run/Pass Defense: He is pretty good in pass defense. Usually has good backpedal and has above average awareness to know where the WR is in his vicinity. While that gives him an advantage, the WR can occasionally get behind him, and make a play. In terms of run defense,not only does this guy have great run awareness, but he has the vision and strength and speed to get to the RB, and make a play. With vision, he is able to determine where the RB is going, and make a play out of it. Run defense is his strength, and I am excited about that.


Intangibles: A leader who calls the plays for his defense and makes above average adjustments on a lot of plays. He is a playmaker, and his teammates admire and respect him.



Pro Potential:

Best case scenario: Ray Lewis

Worst Case scenario: Kirk Morrison








I like how is stats is consistent. :)



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