Do you hear that? It's the sound of change. Part 1

Guys we have a shot this year. Wildcard is in reach. If some guys step up the AFC west is possible to win. Alot of our guys show superstar potential and they need to show it on an everyday basis. I'm not sure what we are doing on the defense though. 3 DT/DE hybrids? Sounds like a 3-4 to me with no NT. Unless Desmond Bryant comes through for us. I really hope the Sons rumors are true was it 15 pounds pure muscle?


Guys on the offense who need to step up. Plus possible postion battles.

WR Chaz Schilens/Louis Murphy- One of these guys needs to be a emerge as #1. Murphy reminds me of Steve Smith he uses his speed and good routes to get open. Chaz reminds me of Miles Austin he uses his quickness and height (6"4') to get to the ball. I like both these guys even though i kinda hope  Chaz comes out on top both are talented.

QB Bruce Almighty/Campbells chickin noodles- Jason says the job is his but i think it's still open for anyone except Russell. I hear a little voice inside that says give him one more chance but i can barely hear that voice because an even louder voice is screaming "GET HIS FATASS OUTTA HERE!" Anyway Cooley, Portis, and Moss have been Pro Bowlers with Campbell under center and it would be a wet dream to see MIller,Bush,and Chaz as Pro Bowlers.

RB Bush/Dmac- We have to always have Mcfadden on the field. At RB,WR,QB,FB,or TE. I don't know if he's a better runningback then Bush but he his a homerun hitter. They both need to stay healthy. We are gonna sign Fargas before training camp. Bush doesn't even want the ball in the regular season he will not do much in pre season.

OLINE- I don't know about you guys but i hope both rookie Tackels are starting week one. Jared at left and Campbell at right. Even that Guard we got from USC should have a shot a starting. Can Henderson,Barnes,or Walker play guard?Satele has gotta step up and Gallery has got to stay healthy. RG or C will be our 1st pick next year....In the second round.

So thats the Offense for now if i forgot anything please fill me in. I am doing a Defense one tomarrow so until then heres a list of people i don't like.

Philip Rivers

Jay Cutler

Warren Sapp

Lane Kiffin

Tom Brady

Eli umm forgot his last name.

Jerry Jones

DHall other known as Eddie Royals bitch

Taylor Mays

As of the other day Tim Tebow

The state "Ohio"

The NY Jets

Brandon Spikes(He will be cut or traded NE will not put up with him)

Oh Thats reminds PatriotGuy


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