Three's Company: Raider Style

 With the moves made this year, us fans are finally starting to feel a sense of hope. Oakland has traded for Jason Campbell and actually had a good draft. The players are all there, now it's time for the coaching to come through and lead us to the promise land. Here's 3 main coaches who I believe will greatly influence our 2010 season.


Tom Cable- Head Coach


Tom Cable, the 45 year old Head Coach is going into his 2nd full year as Oaklands lead man. So far, he's 9-19, but I think we all know that this Oakland team is alot better than that record. I believe this is his last year unless we see some big improvements in the win-loss column. We all know Al has a fetish for firing coaches and unless Tom turns this team around, he'll be fired before the Bye Week.

At first, I wasn't so sure he was the man. But after he benched Jamarcus Russell in Week 9, I knew he had the balls to stand up to Al. And if he had the audacity to do so, he can easily take control of this team and make it "his" team instead of "Al's" team. It seems he has some(alot?) of pull around Oakland and the draft picks prove that.

If Tom wants to stick around, he should put his trust into this next guy, Hue Jackson. It was clear last year that Tom was not meant to call plays. He's gifted when it comes to teaching offensive lineman, but he needs to leave the fast guys to the former fast guys. If he lets his coordinators due their jobs, and sticks to what he does best, he should be fine.


Hue Jackson- Offensive Coordinator


Hue Jackson was a succesful Offensive Coordinator for the Baltimore Ravens, he taught guys like Ray Rice and Joe Flacco. Baltimore's offense was a very diverse one with plenty of options and its very similar to Oaklands. A big QB( Jason Campbell) a fast, pass catching RB(Darren McFadden) and a power back( Michael Bush).

Hue has all the tools to create a very scary and dangerous Offense. I just hope he can create the same thing he did in Baltimore. Anything even close to that will bring me joy.


Mike Waufle- Defensive-Line Coach


Former Defensive-Line Coach of the New York Giants, Mike Waufle. While he was in NY, their DL was one of the best in the league. While Oakland has had success in rushing the QB, they have failed to stop the run. So Al brought in decorated DL coach, Mike Waufle.

He has alot of studs to work with. Oaklands line is very young, but very talented. He should be very excited to have all these young and versatile men at his hands. He has Tommy Kelly, a strong yet under-acheiver who could use a boost from a mean guy like Mike. There's Desmond Bryant, a 2nd year man who can play UT, DE and maybe even NT. He also has Richard Seymour and Matt Shaughnessy. Two very succesful DE's who could both benifiet from his tutoring. And finally, he has rookie Lamaar Houston. A large DE/DT type of player who will play as hard as he can for Mike.

Waufle is probably one of the few people who know what the Raiders D is going to look like in 2010, and he has a big influence on it. If Oakland lands a true NT, he'll have a Top Notch DL for years to come.


Well, I sure hope these men know how lucky they are to have such exceptional talent to play with. Oakland can make a run for the AFC West title this year, but not without Tom's, Hue's and Mike's coaching and hard work. I wish them good luck and beg them not to let me down. I'm not expecting 16-0, but I am expecting improvment. Thats all a kid can ask for.

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